Name Censorship Expanded with latest Patch (having ##### as name)

Hi there,

long time player here, ca. >1000h in the AOE3s, usually never complaining. I just installed the newest patch. Now, for the first time my name is appearing as “########” - which can only mean that the devs or Microsoft expanded their censorship.

My name is “Cunctator”, from the Roman general Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus surnamed Cunctator (meaning “the delayer” from Latin).

I am surely not the only one, and this is an an incomprehensible censorship!

I ask the devs to reshape the policy appropriately, this is clearly unnecessary, unjustified, and kills the fun of the game for many!

Edit1: I just checked, and AOE2:DE does not censor my name… so its AOE3:DE devs annoying the already small player base family.


My name is “Cuso” on steam but the game censored it in one of the patches and I have been #### ever since


Maybe they consulted a Japanese for that patch :rofl:

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Haha yes, that was my first thought also, but I think the romanization of thar word is with k :rofl:

Forgotten Empires Dev: “Cunctator” I don’t know history or what that word means but it sounds dirty and offends me, durrrr!!!


Besides being incorrectly implemented, it is a shame that there is a censorship system, it greatly damages communication, whether informal or formal. I play other popular games, censorship is totally optional


I quit playing Albion Online because they changed my name to “The Coolest Cat”. Never logged in since. Now I’m here. If they ever censor my name I’m out. The game is nice. Censorship is not.

The OP’s censor is absolutely unacceptable.

Sorry to hear that…you should definitely file a help ticket and keep us informed in/when they uncensor your name.


use the Russian ‘с’ (s) so it won’t pick it up

example -


I can’t wait for the canadian sissy snowflakes to come and harass you in your post about how you’re an racist alt rigth bigot for not wanting censoriship, those canadians love getting opressed that’s for sure.


The irony is I am both a holder of Canadian citizenship and supposedly a


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Yes they censored my name too in last patch, its “PratUshh”

any links ??

Uh I mean I’m not sure I haven’t ever looked into that…I assume there should be a way to contact someone via “contact us” or “help request or something”.

Yeah sorry I mean I can take a look…

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Sure thanks :slight_smile: looking into it too

Found this :

My name is also censored, I have a different steam name than the one I use here cause it won’t allow that username. It would be nice if the censoring is made optional which we can enable in the settings rather than mandatory for everyone.

The censorship is just one of the tools devs like to use to encourage players to do something other than playing this remake. Perhaps merciful to some of the newer players while it’s more like you’re a frog slowly being boiled if you’re a more dedicated longtime player.

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