Napoleon gun is probably one of the dumbest unit in the game

This mercenary unit acts like its a small and portable gun that can move without horse carriage, but in real life it’s a fully-fledged 12-pounder gun that can also fire as an obusier (howitzer). In comparison, 12-pounder guns were the heaviest gun used on the battlefield during the napoleonic wars (40 years before this unit start being deployed in France and in other countries).

I understand the need to have a powerful leather gun as a mercenary unit, but this unit is just so wrong on many levels…

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It does look like they were going more for something like this:

Or this:
M1841 mountain howitzer - Wikipedia.
I’m sure people can find better examples, though.

Gameplay-wise I really like it. I like having artillery options that fill different roles on both the heavier and lighter end.

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Should have been called Geschwindstück which were the cannons actually designed for quick fire and deployment. With the downside that they were prohibitively expensive to make.


eu uso muito em tratado com a índia o que ruim e o custo populacional

I use it as USA because gats lose the falc war, and because people are always expecting gats.

They could have gone with the Grasshopper cannon:

Light, rugged cannon used as an infantry gun - could easily be the Merc version. Or just call it Bronze 3 Pounder.

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It’s far from the dumbest unit. For that, “Dismounted Infantry” easily takes the cake.

I think it’s meant to be a little ambiguous as to what it’s referring to. Somewhat of a reference to the original Napoleon’s proficiency with artillery, and somewhat of a reference to the later large guns inspired by Napoleon III.

The in-game Napoleon Gun was added with the USA DLC and I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be the same “12-pounder Napoleon” used extensively in the American Civil War. It’s connection with New Hampshire in the shipment “French Canadians” is indeed supposed to be vague but the M1857 12-pounder Napoleon (which was named by the Americans after Napoleon III who helped design it) looks just like the Napoleon Gun in-game with that distinctive shiny barrel:

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