Napoleonic Era and KotM

Celebrating the release of Knights of the Mediterranean, I have done some clean up and put some love to the Napoleonic Era mod page in the wikia, one of the first mod that I downloaded as a kid, and one of the first fan projects that I started to follow eagerly.

If you played Complete collection, you will spot a lot of new features that were on the mod that were on the release of DE, but also a lot of them have been being included gradually with each DLC. How many can you spot?

I never played WoL, so I can’t see if some of them were present also in that mod, or which ones come from there.

PD: What is happening with the forum closing and reloading the post editor all the time?

Staaaaay on topic :slight_smile:


I think that universities kind of buildings are good to balance civs on lategame/treaty (I would do them ageV) without losing card slots.


The Swiss part is copypasted from the Swedish (Charles XII)

Which one?? The swiss pikeman on barracks??

Oh, thank you, it has been fixed now.

There was a description that was copied from Sweden to Swiss. Fixed now.

A um tempo atrás, antes mesmo do DE ouvi dizer que o NE tinha algumas coisas novas desenvolvidas em estágio avançado, mas ainda sim não estava finalizado. Bom eu ainda jogo de vez em quando o mod, acho que seria legal se eles pudessem disponibilizar essa ultima versão mesmo que inacabada.

Definitive Edition takes much more from Napoleonic Era than it does from Wars of Liberty.


you were/are one of the developers of WoL?

I played a little of wol, and the only thing the DE put in it are the cards of immigrants…but it still lacks the types of religion and even to put the resource of favor…

Normal,@tilanus one of the developers of FE, is one of the creators of the mod…


They already existed on Napoleonic EraūüėÖ


Ah, then there you killed me… although I think the Italians of the NE had immigrants…

On NE they had cards for City states that sent troops, crates or buffs and each one add +1 TC limit. Italians used to had 12 TCs haha. Also this cards add limit of merchants, their villagers, so were mandatory

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Of course, you are right… now I remember the cards of the Italian city-states and that Rome was like the most OP…

A mi lo que sorprendió es que no agregaron a los condottieros cuando en NE estaban :C


yes, I was a WoL dev


I think that mod should be updated for the Definitive Edition.

Well, that is sort of done with this DLC :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ya tienen a los lanceros papales,sino ser√≠an muchas unidades de caballer√≠a √ļnicas‚Ķlo que a m√≠ me sorprendi√≥ es que pusieran a Garibaldi y no a Cesare Borgia como l√≠der italiano‚Ķ

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como cuales? solo tienen al lancero papal los demás son infantería xd