Napoleonic France: what is this limit?

Today, the French Revolution is an awesome way of playing France, specially with new ex-Bourbon units. Voltigeurs, Grenadiers, Old Guard, even Éclaireurs, not forgetting super artillery, make this civ powerful and very fun to play.
I solved the economy troubles with ranching and, I have to say it, modding: adding the flag “ExcludeFromMoveAllMilitary” to Coureur, who is the Sans-culotte.
It is awesomely fun, and the focus in Field Hospitals brings a different gameplay.
However, after a while, I couldn’t send military units from Homecity. A weird limit that I did not know before made his appareance. A limit on military units in game?
It did not affect the units creation, nor Sister Republics card.

<Unit name="Coureur">
		<flag mergeMode='add'>ExcludeFromMoveAllMilitary</flag>

Huh? How many units did you have at that point? Did that apply to all units or some specific ones?

Iirc napoleonic France does have a way of swarming the opponents with 2 cards, muskets and revolutionaries, this might be a way to prevent ridiculous overpops. But i did not run into this the last time i played with napoleonic France.

But if that’s the case, Romania and some other revs should also have it.

Population units, I should have 196. The Sans-culottes are military units, not villagers. All of the cards on image (except resources and Blockade) could not be sent.
Overpop with cards is a common way to play. Why Napoleonic France cannot do it?

Ok. I’m going to try this out, you made me very curious.

So i tried it out vs AI and you can overpopulate. E.g. Witg the musketeers card. But once you are above 200 pop you can’t send more unit cards. Which is working as expected basically.

Yes, the first time I could overpop. When the units died, I try to send another card to overpopulate again, I could not. 1 mounted rifleman from the first overpop card was still alive. I don’t know if he influenced.

I was having the problem also–but not even just when trying to overpop. Something is clearly bugged, but I’m not sure what it is.

Some cards do work like that. Like the infinite native warriors that some euro civs get in age4. You can’t send it again until every last one of them is dead.