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I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this mod.
Thanks for the feedback.

I love this mod but for some reason, this mod doesn’t work now. Not sure how I got it wrong, I use the steam version, but the installer says the steam is not found. However when I tried using the mod from the in-game mod option or subscribing to it from here ( the mod shows up but still doesn’t work even after disabling all other mods and making it the top priority. Please help.

Do you know when it crashes for you? Are you seeing the civilizations available to play?

Friend, congratulations on your MOD. It’s perfect and I’d like to pay you some money to continue your valiant work. It will be symbolic, because I’m from Brazil, and we don’t earn much here. I would like to ask you to consider translating the cards so that the game works in Brazilian Portuguese. My friends want to play your mod, but as not all of us know English, it’s very difficult to change the entire language of the game or use the cell phone to translate. I’ve tried to translate the file, but whenever I put it in the folder, the mod stops working and the game asks to update the mod. I believe this is because the original mod files can only be changed by you. There is another mod which is from the inclusion of poland. In this mod there is a translation by the creator himself. I ask that you edit only the letters at least. Thank you very much for your effort.

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I tested the mod from my end and it seems to be working so just let me know what it is doing to stop it from working.