National Geographic uses Age of empires 3 in a documentary

I saw it in National Geographic and basically they use the game to recreate and expose the events that the narrator explained in said documentary.

They talk about forensic evidence that shows how the fight between the Incas and the Spanish really went.

I couldn’t find the complete documentary online, and I’m not sure if the definitive edition or the old game is used. (I thought it was the definitive version because of how good it looks).

Note: For some reason the link I’m trying to post is ridiculously censored. :shushing_face:

The documentary is called ‘The Great Inca Rebellion’ so look it up.


Haha really nice!
According to the internet the series is from 2007, so its classic aoe, but looks great anyways :smiley:


We made it to TV!

Although yes, this is not National Geographic 19191919


Thanks for making it clear. But I’ll leave the sensationalist title XD.

What I do clarify is that I saw it on the National Geographic channel.


Found it!!!Minute: 28:26 and minute 43:45


Oddly competent cinematic making. Even used some tricks.

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@EliteRiflemann EliteRiflemann I don’t know if it was made by national geographic directly, but look at the cover of the documentary:

I remember I saw it, long ago, on French TV. It was nice to see the lancers.

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Ha, take it AoE 4… you are not the only AoE that can be used in Nat Geo xd…

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