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New update

Version 1.1

  • Added a team bonus. If you or a teammate is allied with the Jesuits trade routes generate 5% more resources.
  • Changed the cost of Scripturalist to 150f 150w (from 150f 150g).
  • Changed the name of the Jesuit Mission building, it is now called Congregacion.
  • The Congregacion has a new portrait and icon. It will also benefit from some Mountain Monastery and Cathedral improvements.
  • The Conquistador now speaks Spanish or Portuguese depending on the civilization that is using it, same as the other Jesuit units.
  • The Tlaxcala Alliance (Tlaxcala federal state) now enables Ad majórem Dei glóriam at the Native Embassy.
  • Fixed a bug where The Alamo (Texas federal state/revolution) didn’t affect the Congregacion building.
  • Fixed a bug where Heterodoxy didn’t affect the Padre’s healing ability when the Land of Hidalgo card was sent.