Native Americans vs mercenaries

I saw recently a few games with powerful mercenary rush. And I realized most of the civs has access to strong mercenary/Explorer counter (Spy, Ninja,…) but not all of them. Native Americans does not have a unit like this.
They can send Advanced Scout card to enable Scouts in TC and they counter mercenaries but this card is usually not included in a deck.

I think all Native American civs should have default access to a unit which counters mercenaries/Explorers like a Spy in Age II. Probably in TC or Native Embassy because they don’t have a Church building.


Agreed, they should have access to scouts at the native embassy, they should be ok vs mercs without needing the advanced scouts card just as spies are ok without sending agents or assassins cards. Not as good as spies though because they are cheaper.


What about Asians…

Japan doesn’t exactly have that easy access to Ninja
And India/China has just a one time shipment from British consulate.

African have churches via Moroccans and Jesuits so less of an issue.


They should get a spy in the monastery I guess or an equivalent unit.

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