Native Civ Idea: The Maori

The Maori

  • War Chief aura increases the attack of nearby friendly units by 10%.
  • Has a population limit of 220.
  • Performs Ceremonies are the Marae instead of the Community Plaza.
  • Maori Villagers are more efficient at performing Ceremonies than other native villagers.
  • Start with the Water Ceremony already unlocked and automatically unlocks the Town Ceremony in the Fortress Age.
  • Lack the War Ceremony and Fire Ceremony.
  • Maori infantry and Maori shock infantry can be upgraded to more powerful Toa units at a cost.

Unique Units

  • Villager (I): Maori villagers are 2.5 times more efficient when tasked on the Marae.
  • Tohunga (II): Heals injured units and can be tasked at the Marae, counting as 3.5 villagers. Has a training limit of 10.
  • Patu Runner (II): Archaic shock infantry armed with a flat club.
  • Huata Spearman (II): Archaic heavy infantry armed with a long spear. Good against cavalry and buildings.
  • Kopere Thrower (II): Archaic skirmisher that flings javelins. Good against infantry, worse against cavalry.
  • Kauamo Musketeer (III): Gunpowder heavy infantry armed with a musket. Good against cavalry in a melee.
  • Tūpara Gunner (III): Stealth gunpowder skirmisher armed with a shotgun, has a short-ranged area attack. Good against infantry.
  • Rangatira (IV): Archaic heavy infantry armed with a taiaha, has a heavy area attack. Good against cavalry.
  • Ship Piece (III): Short range cannon with heavy munitions. Good against infantry and buildings.
  • Long Gun (III): Long range cannon with light munitions. Good against artillery and ships.
  • Hourua Canoe (II): Large exploration canoe that can train units.

Unique Buildings

  • Homestead (I): Maori home consisting of several buildings. Supports 15 population. Has a build limit of 7.
  • Farm (I): Slow, infinite source of Food. Limited to 10 gatherers. Maori farms cannot train sheep.
  • Marae (I): A sacred meeting place. Task Villagers at the Marae to perform Ceremonies. Limited to 10 gatherers.
  • Pā (III): A fortified village that supports 15 population, trains gunpowder infantry and artillery, and defends an area with a ranged attack. Has a build limit of 7.

Unique Ceremonies

  • Tuatara Ceremony (IV): Spawns Rangatiras.

Big Button Technologies

  • (Homestead) (I) Wild Harvest: Villagers gather from berry bushes 10% faster and berry bushes contain 25% more food.
  • (Dock) (I) Shipwrights: Ships cost 20% less wood and train 33% faster.
  • (Farm) (I) Crop Rotation: Villagers gather from farms 10% faster.
  • (Marae) (I) Hauora: Villagers get 20% more hit points.
  • (Town Center) (II) Maori Scouting Party: Ships 5 Huata Spearmen.
  • (Town Center) (III) Maori Raiding Party: Ships 3 Kauamo Toas and 7 Kauamo Musketeer.
  • (Town Center) (III) Maori War Party: Ships 5 Kauamo Toas and 10 Kauamo Musketeer.
  • (Estate) (III) Flax Trade: Villagers gather from estates 10% faster.
  • (War Hut) (II) War Fury: War Hut units attack 10% faster.
  • (Pā) (III) Guerilla Warfare: Pā units move 10% faster.

Tribal Council

  • The Messenger: Ages up 3/2.75/3/3 times as fast
  • The Wise Woman: Ships 3/6/10/15 Villagers and berry bushes contain 10%/15%/20%/25% more food.
  • The Warrior: Ships 2/3/5/8 Rangatiras.
  • The Elder: Ships 2/4/6/10 Fishing Boats and 200/400/400/700 wood.
  • The Chief: War Hut and Pā Toa Units get +20%/+30%/+40%/+50% more hit points and attack. Rangatira Toas get +0%/+15%/+25%/+35% more hit points and attack.

Toa Units in Detail

  • War Hut Toa units are equivalent to Age II outlaw units, Pā Toa units are equivalent to Age III mercenary units, and Rangatira Toas are equivalent to Age IV mercenary units.
  • Toa units take up 50% more population and are classed as mercenaries, making them vulnerable to units with bonuses against mercenaries, such as the Spy.
  • Toa units are created on an individual basis, transforming one or more existing units into Toa versions. Creating multiple Toa units at once cannot be used to overpop.
  • Creating Toas cost units the same as the base unit, converted into coin. So, if a unit costs 40 food and 40 wood, upgrading it to a Toa unit costs 80 coin. Upgrading Rangatira to Toa costs 200 coin.

Select Cards

  • Old Ways: Negates the population increase of War Hut Toa Units.
  • New Ways: Lets the Homestead research Counter Infantry Rifling, Socket Bayonet, Flint Lock, and Paper Cartridge.
  • Pig Ranching: Allows the farm to train Pigs.
  • Church Missionary Society: Ships a Church Wagon that allows for the building of a Mission Church.

Mission Church

Trains Priests and provides the following improvements:

  • Bastion (II): Upgrades walls into bastions.
  • Mission Fervor (II): Healer units get +35% hit points and +15% speed.
  • Town Watch(II): All units get +2 LOS.
  • Gas Lighting(II): All buildings get +4 LOS.
  • Pākehā Trade (II): Gives 1,500 XP.
  • Literacy (III): All units’ train time -15%.
  • Western Arms (III): Transforms all Huata Spearmen into Kauamo Musketeers and all Kopere Throwers into Tūpara Gunners. Also affects Toa units.

New Maps

New Munster: A mountainous coastline. Most of the mines (Gold and Jade) in the area are found along the coast. There are no hunts on this map, but there are plenty of fish in the surrounding waters. A single trade route encircles the map.

Bay of Plenty: A crescent shaped coastline. Mining (Gold) is sparse and there are no hunts on this map, but there are plenty of fish and whales in the surrounding waters. There is no trade route on this map.

Central Otago: A land rich in mining and divided by rivers. There’s a trade route on each side of the map.

New Map Features

Pig: New herdable.
Bracken Fern: New type of berry bush.
Snapper: New fish.
Barracouta: New fish.
Sperm Whale: New whale.
Jade Mine: New source of coin.



haha soon they will just call them “Old man’s house” if you get my drift :wink:

I was thinking another day about pitching a Naval Themed Expansion, which would feature the Maoris as a new Native Ally. My big idea for them was that their unique warrior unit, the “Toa” or “Patu Warrior”, would have an unique ability, the “Haka”. Once activated, it would give all the "Toa"s a speed boost, extra ranged armor and inflict “fear” into nearby enemy units for a short amount of time.

Unfortunately, I don’t that much about them to give more ideas.

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Pretty fun idea. Are you a Kiwi yourself?

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Nope, but I tried my hardest to learn as much as I could while writing this.


Meh, there is already 2 civs that do this, and it would be strange if there were 3, but Lakota and Hauds Healers still could not do it.

Good one, and maybe instead of the War Canoe, they would get the Waka Canoe, with less attack strength, but a much bigger transport capacity, and allowing unit recruitment like a Galleon.
To compensate, their Dock Big Button would be a large upgrade to the base Canoe damage, instead of:

This is quite a bit OP, since it is a double upgrade for whatever Age you select this option for.
Perehaps +5%/+10%/+15%/+20% would be much more reasonable, and it would already be super strong, but resemble a free card shipment more, instead of an actual unit upgrade (Imperial/Legendary/Exalted upgrades give 50% stats boosts, for example).

Old Ways is always a Big Button cost decrease. I suggest War Trophy as a name instead.

No Infantry Cuirass? I guess it makes sense, but they have 4 Archaic unist that would benefit from it. Perhaps it is for the best that it would not be there, however. Maybe should even be a all Infantry upgrade card in Age 2.

I would also suggest a few more cards:
-Warhut Training (like Aztec and Hauds)
-Prisoners of War: Rangatira units do more damage to Infantry
-Bushland Stalker: Patus, Huatas and Koperes get .15 additional Range Resistance
-Islands under Siege: Ship Pieces and Long Guns damage vs Ship increase
-Hereditary Laws: Warchief Stats upgrade and gets a boost to Treasure plundering, and can now collect from Crates
-New Faiths: Healer units stats and LoS boost, -20% decreased price.

pretty well written up, but do you think it make sense for the faction to be in the native American style?

regardless i would love some SEA, Australian and NZ maps.

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It absolutely does, to be honest.
They were a tribal society.

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Felt it made too much sense for the Maori specifically to get this, since tohungas are almost always the heads of families and as such important in the assembly.

The Chief one was made to be in line with the Age 5 Mercenary Contractor and then downscaled for earlier ages. No opinion on the Dock one, I’d be happy for suggestions on both.

Yeah I wanted it to make sense for the Maori, who adopted guns plentifully but not metal armor. They can definitely make up for it with cards.

All perfectly fine suggestions, I didn’t spend much time coming up with cards tbh.

Maybe name the Warchief one Whakapapa, refering to the maori system of genealogy.

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The Merc Contractor only works for Merc units, though, so perhaps you will want the Chief to only work for Toa unit variants.

It does only work for Toa units. Read it again.

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Well, why are there no pigs in AoE 3?

I think this could come with the European DLC.

Overall, in my opinion, Cows should be in the Livestock Pen by default (Pigs also).

Indian Cows could look different - as they do on the Indian subcontinent. Holstein Friesian cattle looks weird when tasked to a Sacred Field.

Not necessarily. Pig is huge source of protein for many island peoples and most sinoitic cultures.

Honestly pigs were critical to early colonization of the Americas, should’ve been in Vanilla.

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As for animals, I’m looking forward to the African DLC. Giraffes, Hippos, Zebras and more :blush: :blush: :blush:

We saw Ostriches and Hippos so those are confirmed. Only herdable we saw was goats though (the ostriches lacked player colors and seemed to just be fenced in for eye candy), which are already in the game.

EDIT: We also saw warthogs.


Where can you see ???

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