Native Scout in TC for War Chief civs

In current PUP Native Scout was added by default to native Americans which is a great change because now they can counter mercenaries like Euro civs with Spy.

However Native Scout deals only 25 damage to mercenaries and have build limit of 5. So it is not possible to deal any significant damage to mercs with this unit.
(Spy for comparison deals 100 damage to mercenaries and 200 to Explorers with one hit).

My idea is - Native Scout should have the same stats and cost as Spy. Advanced Scouts card should work similar to Agents card for Euro civs.


si fuera que no costara población lo usaría pero como no es bueno como el espía europeo y solo puedo crear 5 no lo usaré jamás. Son solo útiles para explorar aunque ya tenemos otras unidades que se desempeñan mejor en ese rubro.

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native scout created on tc, i can see 5 zones of the map being undetected by the enemy, its really good for those civs, the only thing lacking is the hotkey for spys and native scouts.