Natives and mercs for respective civs

What u think about on add the new natives/mercenaries to their respective civ, tried to be historically accurate.

I would like to make another post with more time about native/mercenary shipments.



  • Oldemburg: Germany, Sweden, Russian.

  • Hannover: Germany, Brittish


  • Wettin: Germany, Portugal, Brittish

  • Wittelsbach: Germany, Dutch, Sweden

  • Habsburg: Germany, Spain, Portugal, Mexico!

  • Bourbon: France, Spain

  • Vasa: Sweden

  • Jagellion: Russian

  • Phanar: Ottomans


Sufi (Qizilbash): Ottomans

Tangri (Tartar archer): Ottomans

Conqueror: Spain, Portugal


Irish brigadier: France, Spain and Mexico.

Zouaves, Royal Horseman, Napoleon Gun, Fusilier, Mounted Rifleman: France

Armored Pistoleer: Italy, Spain

Cannoneer: Portugal, Spain

Giant Grenadier: Germany

Pandour: Germany, Russian

Bosniak: Germany, Dutch


Corsair Marksman: Ottomans

To be continue…


First they need to make the new natives historically accurate instead of made up nonsense units like “Dismounted Infantry” and “Royal ____”.

For example instead of the made up “Northern Musketeer”, the Oldenburg unit should be Leib Guard (Romanov is a branch of Oldenburg).

The Russian card to send Leib Guard units could be called the Toy Army since the Russian Imperial Guard had its origins in the childhood military training of Peter I.


Hmmm. The Northern Musketeers are specifically supposed to be based on the poorly-equipped and trained “cannon fodder” that were common in Russian armies though. I’m not sure naming them after an elite unit makes sense.

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It makes perfect sense for the units trained from a royal house to be elite royal guards. Some of the units chosen are a perfect fit for the royal house theme (Trabants & Boyars) but unfortunately, a lot of them are lazily done and so generic they don’t even make any sense whatsoever (Dismounted Infantry, Line Infantry, Royal Arqubusier, Royal Dragoon, Royal Hunter, and Northern Musketeer)

The entire Russian civ is designed around this so it’s kind of an overused trope to use for a native unit as well. A Leib Guard unit could be a more powerful unit than what Northern Musketeers are. Leib Guards could easily fill the role of beefy native musketeer that is currently filled by the even more painfully generic Habsburg “Line Infantry”. Promotions and stat changes with stance would be a good fit for a unit based on a highly trained royal guard. The wonky attack speed should be scrapped since it makes it way too hard to compare units at a glance and the exact same effect can be achieved by increasing attack by 11%.

The super generic, not at all Habsburg Line Infantry could be replaced by Grenzers (who are extremely Habsburg) which could fill the cannon fodder musketeer role. Grenzers were considered by the Austrian generals as something between light and line infantry. They could achieve this by being similar to a musketeer, but with ranged bonus damage against other heavy infantry and a lower than average anti-cav multiplier. That would make them somewhat like a Skirmisher-Musketeer hybrid. They could even have some bonus melee damage versus light infantry to make them have the potential to sometimes hold off light infantry. Grenzers are already a unit used by the Hungarian revolution, but they aren’t even Hungarian, so they would be a much better fit as a Habsburg unit.


Ya I hope france will get a bourbon musk shipment and other native shipments beyond huron mantlet…

They should definitely get something related to jesuits imo


Mameluks and Barbary Corsair for Portugal is extremely wrong.


Wittelsbach: Portugal? Why? Sweden makes more sense to get Wittelsbach units.

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Too much bugs in this post…

Yes I dislike the idea of giving new natives/mercs to new civs only. Especially when many new recent additions are so thematically related to the old civs.


Ok, I will change it.

@MUTYLATOR5553 what bugs? tell me what would be more correct, I need help, ty.

France has plenty of candidates.

Natives: royal muskets and royal dragoons. Even some african.

Mercenaries: Zouaves, Royal Horsemans, Napoleon Guns, Fusiliers, Mounted Riflemans, Irish brigadiers


Ottomans and Germans urgently require infinite natives.

I would like the Ottomans to have some kind of gunpowder cavalry through mersenaries or natives.