Naval bonus for not naval powercivs

I was thinking about how to buff some civilizations in the water so that the water maps would have more diversity outside of Portos vs Viking vs Italians, here are some of my ideas:
- Cheaper ship upgrades
- Faster ship upgrades
- Free upgrades on any ship line
I would give these bonuses to some civilizations with a naval background like the Malays, the Khmer, or the Indians, but it could be anyone
I would like the introduction of some UU ships (like the Djong for the Malay) but that ship left a long time ago

What do you think?

I think that this is a entertaining, but kind of bad pun.

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First two bonuses are already taken by Italian and Portuguese, last bonus could be a thing I guess but it can’t be separated since all ships share the same upgrade in castle age, and if it only kicks in imp it’s going to be trash.

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What about britons, their navy is completely negletted in favor of longbows go brrr

Most of the British naval power came after the AoE2 timeline though. They have a decent navy, I’m pretty sure they only miss Elite Cannon Galleon. Granted, they don’t have any direct bonuses that help their navy, but still, they aren’t the worst.

The Spanish should have free Elite Cannon Galleon upgrade, instead of the faster cannon balls.
That would be more helpful.

Why not both? Either one seems like it might not be enough, but both could be good. Or maybe if Cannon Galleons didn’t need Chemistry and were possibly available in Castle Age, although likely in a weaker form that upgrades upon reaching Imp.

Faster cannon balls don’t help in siege, which is the main duty and task of Cannon Galleons. Some people will argue this to help against ships, but Cannon Galleons are never intentionally trained to counter ships. Generally players tend not to train any Cannon Galleon until a naval battle is assured, and instead to continues to train Fast Fire Ships and Galleons until the enemy ships are eliminated or unable to stop Cannon Galleons from bombarding buildings along the coast. In addition, too fast cannon balls are quite visually unreasonable and inconsistent with Bombard Cannons and Bombard Towers on land. In my opinion, they have better share same projectile speed for the stats.

Free Elite Cannon Galleon upgrade is quite deadly, saving 525 wood, 500 gold and 30 sec., having better HP and siege ability. Once the player’s Fast Fire Ships and Galleons gain the lead in naval battles after researching chemistry, Elite Cannon Galleons can be dispatched immediately, razing the coastal defenses and economic buildings to the ground in a shorter time, and it will be more difficult for opponents to stop them in time.

I think it might be possible to level up eg Demo Ships without granting the tech, even with the genie editor in its current state.

You could also have a ship UU that upgrades for free.

500 good for that upgrade is ridiculous.

Regardless, I don’t think the faster cannonballs should be changed. It’s a nice anti-ship bonus that allows for a composition of cannon galleons and fast fires which counters galleons pretty well and forces your opponent to tech into demos. Also the splash is neat.

Sure, you can add stuff on top of that, but I don’t think free elite cannon galleon upgrade changes anything for Spain, especially on water, and civs have a theoretical maximum of 6 bonuses anyway, if we give away more of them for useless stuff with Spain they would never, absolutely never get the love they deserve and desperately need.