Navy in Aoe4

I am currently amazed that the navy is not mentioned in any of the videos of civilizations. Even in the show matches, the Navy plays no role at all. :confused:
In the beginning it was often reported that the water battles should be very exciting. The developers often said that they were very focused on the water battles…

There was a lot of criticism about the graphic implementation. Still, there were many interesting games in the beta and in the stress test at sea. I have often noticed that the initial criticism quickly turned into fun.

How did you perceive the sea battles? Do you also miss the implementation in the videos? Some civs are really strong on the water and I also like to play navy focused. :ship:

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Its best naval gameplay out of All AoE but that doesnt mean much unfortunatelly :smiley:

(It seems that naval gameplay is hard to do for some reason. Its Achiles heel in All TW games Also)


I personally loved water maps.
Out of all aoe games I played, ape4 has by far the best naval gameplay in my opinion and the one we’re I actually had loads of fun playing.
The animation of ships sinking, the way the ships fire while moving, being able to repair warships with fishing boats, and how each civ seems to have viable options on water too making water maps much more balanced.

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I enjoyed it, but also think it needs some work.

There seemed to be almost no reason to build the smaller ships later on.

I think they could fix this by (assuming people agree it needs fixes) :

-Slightly up the speed difference between smaller and larger ships.

-Make larger ships turn more slowly.

-Make the firing arcs more narrow.

Then the larger ships would have a harder time dealing with demos, the small ships would be needed to stop enemy demos and they could also maybe avoid some firing arcs to close the gap and attack larger ships.

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Naval part from CB and stressed test is kinda disappointing for me. In aoe4 we don’t have ship like fire Galley in aoe2, which is available in feudal age and capable of destroying dock. Which means, naval battle in feudal age is kinda pointless, as your opponent can just go for fast castle and get better warship to win.

I think its fine now.
On the closed beta the big age 4 ships were quite op and one of them could take a bunch of the age 3 ships which is not the case now.
And the age 2 ships can definitely stand up to the age 3 ones as long as they have all the blacksmith upgrades.