Necessary improves for game experience

Hi everyone,

Probably someone or even myself has already said this, but Ranked games are poorly designed. Things that need urgent updates/changes:

  1. Friends list - we can`t invite friends easily, only through Steam or “clan” feature, and it is not a great option. In my case, the “invite” feature is always bugged, showing people online when they are not, and always showing me online too.

  2. When playing Random TG you can only chat via text with your team. Why no voice in the game up to today??
    On this subject, there should be already some different always of comunicating with your team with text.
    Like “hold G + point and hold mouse button” opens a menu where you can select things like “attack here”,
    “there is a castle”, “hold back”, “watch for army”, “help”, whatever, instead of just flagging a X on the map.

  3. There should be a more “professional” aspect to the system in ranked games, like in the Wololo Tournaments, or even like League of Legends, in a way you (or the team) can BAN Civs and Maps before choosing your own, alternating the bans and the picks between teams, so the choices gets narrow and narrow. And the selection would also include who gets pocket and who gets front (if that’s the case).
    This way we can ban those civs we don’t want to go against, and can prepare for counter civs if we want to.
    Then, we get to map selection, out of a pool previously avaiable, and each player/team bans one or two
    maps, then the computer randomly selects one of the avaiable.

There is, of course, a little more things that I would improve, but these I find the most necessary.



First thing we need remove that map pool crap. There are tons of maps and we can play only 15 of them. Same maps same strategies.


I agree on all of your proposals but to make the third one viable the game needs the amount of player base that LoL has. Otherwise it will be impossible to implement or the waiting time before a game will increase considerable
I would like an in-game tournament system: ban/pick maps/civs; similar to Captains Mode (

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