Need Ability to "Tag" a player in-game with a number from 1-10

This would be helpful mainly for unranked lobby matchmaking, especially those that host, but could have some usefulness in ranked as well.

Problem: There is no quick way to identify the quality of a player with zero ranked games simply by hovering your cursor over the player.

Few examples of when this troublesome situation occurs:

  1. You host a game with the title “beginners/noobs only” and the lobby fills up. You check everyone’s ELO and find that you’ve got 5 players that are within the 600-900 range, and 2 others that have zero ranked games(zero gamers). Everything looks good so you launch the game.

Fast forward 20-30 minutes and the game is over. One of the zero gamers ends up having the highest score on the winning team with over double the next players score. The player manages to single handedly beat all 4 other players before his own allies have gotten out of feudal age.

  1. You host a game for intermediate players with a skill limit of “1000+”. The game takes a long time to fill… So far you’ve got 6 players that meet the 1000+ requirement and two other zero gamers. So instead of booting the two zeroes and waiting for more, and risking others leaving, you decide to split them and launch the game.

Fast forward to the end of the game and it turns out that one of the zero gamers is very good, and the other is very bad. Now you’re wishing you’d have booted the two zero gamers and enforced the law of 1000+ .

  1. You host a custom map like Forest Nothing or CBA and the ELO gives no indication of the players capability. So you launch the game hoping that it will be balanced.

Solution - Give players the ability to click on a players username “tag” that player with a number from 1-10. What ever number that someone has tagged another with, is private and only viewable to the player that set it. This would give regular unranked players to have an idea about the other players they play with.

The player could tag another player with 1-10 for whatever reason they want. Setting a number 1 could mean “kick on sight” and 10 could mean “good teammate”

This would be like the “mute” button. It sticks with the player forever, even if you run into them again in the future and could be changed at any time.

Reason why this is needed : Because if you play this game often enough, you start to run into the same players over again. Sure you’ll remember a few usernames that make an impression on you. But the hundreds of the others, it can get hard to keep track of who is a pro disguised as a noob, or who is a quitter, or who is just an obnoxious player you dont want on your team.

Anyone else have experiences where zero gamers end up being really good? Or good players end up being really bad? Look forward to hearing some stories here, please comment below.