Need fix the nerfs of RUS civilization

If you play with Rus it is necessary to produce a lot of economic units to have a reasonable economy.

Usually I make above 100 economic units. But the Rus civilization has suffered from many outages in the latest game updates.

Shooters with firearms do not resist on the battlefield because they decided to decrease their health by 10 points.

People play with Germany, France and England producing less then 100 economic units, but still those economys are just better… French Cavalry and is better and durable, even in a cavalry vs firearms battle and this is far from historical.

I mean… It’s so easy to play with France, England or Germany. They are the easiest civilizations in the game and have a strong economy, while Rus that requires map dominance, exploration… has a ridiculously weak economy, that is… With weak unique units and weak economy Rus is no longer attractive. I think it’s about time you guys reconsidered the nerfs on the Rus civilization.

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The latest changes are decent enough, let’s wait and see. They’re still ignoring their map/wood/hunt dependency so I doubt we’ll ever see a rework of that system. Yet that’s the real problem of Rus, not “weak economy” or “weak” army.

I can provide some general advice on how to adapt to changes in game updates and improve your gameplay.

Firstly, it’s important to keep in mind that game updates often come with changes to various game mechanics, including unit stats and civilization bonuses. As a result, it’s common for certain civilizations or units to become weaker or stronger after an update. It’s up to players to adapt to these changes by experimenting with different strategies and units.

In the case of the Rus civilization, if you find that their unique units are no longer as effective as they used to be, consider exploring other options within the civilization. For example, Rus has a strong focus on gathering food and hunting, which can be leveraged to build a robust economy. Try experimenting with different economic strategies, such as expanding your hunting grounds, building more economic buildings, and investing in trade routes.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that different civilizations have different strengths and weaknesses. While France, England, and Germany may have stronger economies, each civilization has its own unique playstyle and unit compositions. Experimenting with different civilizations can help you find a playstyle that suits your preferences and strengths.

Ultimately, the key to success in any game is adaptability and flexibility. By staying open to new strategies and experimenting with different units and civilizations, you can improve your gameplay and succeed even in the face of changes to the game.

i think rus bounty gold needs to be lowered and xp gained from bounty needs a boost so they can reach max food gather rate faster