Need fix the nerfs of RUS civilization

If you play with Rus it is necessary to produce a lot of economic units to have a reasonable economy.

Usually I make above 100 economic units. But the Rus civilization has suffered from many outages in the latest game updates.

Shooters with firearms do not resist on the battlefield because they decided to decrease their health by 10 points.

People play with Germany, France and England producing less then 100 economic units, but still those economys are just better… French Cavalry and is better and durable, even in a cavalry vs firearms battle and this is far from historical.

I mean… It’s so easy to play with France, England or Germany. They are the easiest civilizations in the game and have a strong economy, while Rus that requires map dominance, exploration… has a ridiculously weak economy, that is… With weak unique units and weak economy Rus is no longer attractive. I think it’s about time you guys reconsidered the nerfs on the Rus civilization.

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