Need Hotkey for All Idle Villages on Screen

This is big point of frustration for me in the late game. I have idles scattered throughout the map because of constant raiding. Cycling through 20 something idles while microing becomes very challenging and it’s not something you can practice easily. Even selecting idles on a busy screen in imperial age is difficult, easy to misclick when you are being pressured.

My request: Please add a hotkey that will allow the player to select all idle villages on the screen. This will help select idle villagers in the same area.

PS. I know there is a hotkey to select ALL idle villagers, but that is really not ideal when your villagers are scattered and have to walk a distance to their new work location. We already a hotkey to select all military on the screen, so this one would be for idle villagers.


There is a hotkey to select all idle?

I believe the default keys are Shift + .

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Think its a good idea. Will save a lot of time.

Ive also sent vils half way across the map so many times because i only wanted to use the Idle vils in front of me but had to select em map wide to save time😂

Since you said there’s a “select all idle military on screen”, I think it would be consistent to have an option for idle villagers as well. I hope devs consider this.