Need more notification options

So the issue i faced that same time when you are fighting with enemy, you are getting attacked on your base. By that time you receive constant similar notifications “honk” your troops are under attack. So it’s almost impossible to see that your base is being annihilated at the same time.
I suggest making some voice/sound notifications that your village/base is under attack so you can react properly. Either make it visible in the middle of your screen (same as a sacred relic site being attacked).


i agree with you. (20character)

Yes, even a wolf attacking a trader or an outpost hitting a palisade will continue to flare red circles of doom and sound the horn like the apocalypse is there. Enough games where you simply can’t track what the actual F is going on. The entire minimap may be red with circles and can’t hear friends over discord due to the sounds.

Then again: you want to know if your villager gets attacked. Even if it is by a wolf. I’m not quite sure what a good fix would be. Perhaps smaller flares and lower sounds when there are fewer units involved in that area? I know Warcraft had a 30 second time window where ‘your base is under attack’ could not be repeated to prevent exactly the above. However, warcraft 3 is less spread out over the map; in AoE you need to attend to various locations.