Need some editor help please

I would like to increase how long the Wonder countdown is, and I would also like to make it so that the team that has the wonder loses if the Wonder gets destroyed. Any help would greatly be appreciated, thanks.

One easy method is to add a trigger with an effect “Research technology” Atheism with the force box checkbox crossed. Set the player as anyone who is not the wonder builder. This will add 100 years to the victory timer. If this is done for multiple players then that many 100 years will get added. One downside of this method is that if someone is actually huns they wont be able to do their own atheism once more(and in the long run spies will be cheaper for some of them).

You can use another trigger with condition “Own fewer object” and set it as wonder for the player who has the wonder and quantity zero. Then add effect to defeat all relavant players. (If wonder is not present at the starting, you can disable this trigger at the start and enable it through a trigger with condition “own objects” for wonder.)

Hello, sadly the research technology method didn’t seem to work. I added forced Atheism to each player and it only extended the time by 100 years and acted like I didn’t set it for every player. What I mean pretty much is the effect didn’t stack and only activated for one player.