Need to change Elephants name!

Battle Elephant -> Elephant Rider(Compared to E archer, balista)
War Elephant(Per) -> War elephant same

What about “Heavy” and “Elite”? What’s the justification for it’s variation at different places?

Is the whole reason you are suggesting this name change cause both Battle Elephant and Ballista Elephants are shortened to BE?

Cause I’m already hating the camel rider name. Should just been the good old landship. sniff


When you say elephant/camel/bike rider dosent it mean just the person riding it?

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In the original AOK there were not many elite units. Instead of elite crossbow en we have atabalest. Elite knights are paladins, elite onagee are siege onagee. Elite Was for the most part used for castle units.

Some of the new introduced units don’t follow suit and just put elite, which I personally find generic and a bit boring:

Battle Elefant - > Elefant rider
Elite Be - > battle Elefant