Need to Nerf the Chakrams!

i just played arena and lost a battle with 60 light cavalry vs 22 chakrams and only managed to kill 7 of them.

it is an impossible unbalanced unit. I’m so angry that I deleted the game. will have to reinstall tomorrow. there is no joy in playing such a game. remove their range or scorpion attack.

suggest nerf options. this unit breaks the game


I guess you don’t know how to use formations? Groups? Easy to surround and massacre them. Unless one is a novice.


I am a player of 1400 solo rating, I understand that there are units that are strong when there are a lot of them. such as scorpions, mangudais or arambais. But scorpions can’t hide in a corner, and at least you have to mikr and click each enemy unit with manguds and arambays. and my friend who played for the chakrams just forgot about them and they won by losing 7 units (22vs60)

Chakrams are indeed OP, right now the best infantry UU by far (even better than Obuch, which also need a nerf, Ghulam and Huskarl).

At least they need a -5 HP nerf to be on line with Gbetos or Throwing axemen, unit with scorpion level of damage shouldn’t have that good HP, also the training time needs to be increased from 15 secs to 18 secs, after Kshatriyas Chakrams become too easy to mass.


Also they should be slower maybe? That way they can be dealt with better with cav or ranged units


Definitely. A cheap unit with anti-infantry ranged passthrough damage shouldn’t also be almost as fast as a Plumed Archer. I think a speed nerf would be the most important single aspect of a Chakram nerf. Apart from that I think a minor HP or TT nerf would do the trick. I also think increasing their size might be good since their speed + tiny hit box size means they can group up very tightly and be hard even for cav to deal with without siege support.


well all ranged units (that have not too big collision size) can do that.

if you’re 1400 you should know when it makes sense to engage and when not and it looks you made a bad decision here.

archers would probably have decimated you aswell.

Chakrams are a strong unit and probably their gold ratio is a bit too low, but no they aren’t like “broken” or “OP”.


It’s not some kind of magical game-winning unit in isolation, and might even be okay in the context of another civ, but it just synergizes too well with Gurjaras’ other counter units and overall strengths. It’s also far more useful than most infantry UUs such that if the average infantry UU is considered to be the baseline, it’s easy to argue that Chakrams are OP. They provide too much value for their cost, which is what a lot of people mean when they say something is overpowered.

Maybe chakrams just need to be classified as an “archer” unit. Then skirms could counter them.


Chakrams deal melee damage. Considering how ineffective is burmese skirmisher, I dont think giving them archer armor class can help a lot.

Have chakrams classed as archers doing Pierce damage but pass through like scorpion. Chakrams become deadly even in small numbers because pass through damage which is melee damage. It’s created very fast and has a very good range for melee damage. Also moves fast. Something’s gotta go

I think their pierce through range should be reduced from 10 to 6. They can’t attack at more than 6 but after throwing it pierces through a long distance.


Among many things this was probably the most nuts of things. That and the speed. Like whoever thought those 2 combined could ever go wrong :rofl: