Need to see players ranking (all of it)

When I am setting up NOOB game, some players who does not have ELO, but are still very good (they just don’t play ranked games} they still join our games. I think, we need to see players rankings (even for non ranked games they played), so we can ban such players and not allow them to play. I really don’t like when one pro player … wins against rest of us noobs.

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But non ranked elo is totally irrelevant, it doesn’t actually represent skill at all.

The elo-based ranking is very fair. You will always get some hard matches but eventually, you will settle at an ELO that will give you a good game. Also don’t expect to win all games when you have stabilized elo, any win rate over 51% is very good. Buy as you keep winning your matches will get harder.

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This is for unranked games, which admittedly, are straight up bad, the lobby is just not good for balanced play with randoms.


For unranked games please don’t expect fair play. I saw viper team up with grubby and single-handedly kill both opponents. That’s why i dont play unranked.

You can join a clan and play against your clan.

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For unranked, always vet people by checking out their unranked elo at

It’s not perfect, but it can be pretty helpful at gauging whether or not they belong in a Noob game or whether they’re intermediate and beyond.

Viper trolling unranked lobbies is the least of your worries. If anything it’s the only shot most people will ever have of being in a game with him.

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In case you weren’t aware. It’s free to create almost unlimited different aoe2 accounts so long as you own the game.

So even if you could see every single stats from the opponent down to the number of breaths they took in a match, it still wouldn’t resolve this

Some people just want to troll, so even in ranked, which is based off a supposed fair system we still have people that stomp lower skilled ones, by creating new profiles constantly and/or pushing their elo down artificially, it happens more rarely than unranked lobbies though.

But if it’s happening in ranked, then there’s definitely no way to avoid it in the unranked lobbies

If you really want a fair match find a discord group and fine Matches with other players like you. It’s more effort but it’s more rewarding

Since january, when Ranked DM Lobbies were added to the game, the unranked ELO was removed

It was somewhat unreliable, but better than completely nothing. You can still check them on aoe2 net, but it’s a bit convoluted now as you can only see people’s unranked rating through lobby browser, when they’re in your lobby. In addition, after the TG elo ‘fix’ I think also unranked elo was somehow changed, so now it’s a lot more uncertain.

Haven’t checked streams, but didn’t Viper team with Grubby in ranked teamgames?

The best way to get balanced games is to play ranked. Even if the devs adds a ranking to the lobby, it will still be inferior to ranked.