Needed Features in AOE 4

I started to play Aoe 4 like 2 weeks ago and i played something like 50 hours. Compared to aoe 2(i have most hours on that around like 2k) this game feels unfinished so i would like to mention some features that i want to be in aoe4.

  1. Changing colors
  2. Random civs
  3. Random maps
  4. Patrol , Guard , Follow
  5. Scenario/ mod maker just like aoe 2
  6. Changing pop limit (200,300,400 would be nice )

Obviously first thing to be done is fixing bugs but i beleive these thing are needed in this game. Hope people agree with me.

  1. Conquest victory condition option instead of just Standard for Ranked Matches.
  2. Taunts
  3. View map after a game.
  4. Fix broken stats and add more stats to post-game.
  5. Shift click relic back to monastery.
  6. Global queue (make it an option).
  7. Visible ELO (and change to ELO after online games)
  8. No feedback for unit waypoints on minimap
  9. Auto-scout
  10. Town Bell

Not missing, but personal opinion: Wonder victory time limit is too short!


Thank you for adding theese missed ones i think they are a must added too. 15 minutes for Wonder victory is pretty short ngl on 3-3 or 4-4 matches when 2 or 3 ppl started to build wonder it become so hard to win because of the time.

Balance changes :

Make gunpowder units able ONLY in age4 . With chemistry tech , it was like this on the beta . And it should be .

Lancers should lead more damage , and be equal as knights , except their velocity or attack speed .

Siege should be converted with units like in campaign (it shows an icon when you are attacking siege who proposes me that that in some build they could be converted )

We need Hill advantages

Archers should have more unique abilities , like an option keep attacking one position , this would help to make a “wall” of arrows



To make water more interesting , we should have little waves and when water ends at the coast it should have a wave animation like in aoe3 . This would make water look cooler

There should be birds flying around the map , like in aoe2 or aoe3 , even aoe1 had this!

More types of maps , dlc… etc…

Some UI CHANGES , there were in ranked . There were really cool!

There should be reflection in the water , boats should be reflected and water should be transparent , to decorate the sea , you could put some low resultion marine wild life!

Cannonball physics , like in aoe3!

Arrows should be like in AoM

Taunts! (Are coming back , in spring update I think)

Historical characters for each civilization , like in aoe3! They perform their mythical taunts , they should come back to aoe4 to insult you just in the beginning on the game!

Color selection (please relic blue is boring now)

Colorpick selector , you should let us customize our own civ colors!

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I want to be able to change teams midgame, at least in custom games :frowning: politics are so fun :frowning:


YES! Another one. I could keep going, the game is pathetically lacking in features. AOE 2 DE fans will recognize.

yes, the truth is that the game feels quite incomplete, almost half a year and still without ELO, you can not use the mouse buttons and a lot of other bugs.

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what? We have an ELO system dude , what we dont have and its on dev is Ranked.

  1. That would require a different ladder.
  2. One of the few things that I can’t ever ignore. :confused:
  3. I do this every game?
  4. Yes, it stinks to search for your ELO outside of the game.

But I’m sure you’d rather have it visible in-game, like the rest of us.

Coming from an AOE2: DE background.
I meant ELO visible after every game with the +/- amount, like AOE2.
I meant having a monk pick up a relic and put it INSIDE the monastery like AOE2, not just go to the outside of the monastery and sit there.

Yes, the ELO should work like that.

I always click the shift-click the relic the my mosque and it works just like that. Do the monks do that automatically after picking up the relic in AoE2:DE?

Yeah they insert it in AOE2.
To me it seems like a bug that they will prob eventually patch, but maybe not.

Also for the ladder, yes, 2 ladders - one for Conquest and one for Standard.
This is how it works for AOE 2. Used to be ladder for Conquest and ladder for Deathmatch.
But then they replaced Deathmatch with Empire Wars since it wasn’t popular, which also turned out to not be popular.
I imagine if they had Conquest as an option, Standard would die out.
But so be it - add and keep both, let people decide what they want to play!

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Not only changing colors. Team games should automatically assign cold/warm colors to the two sides.