Needed old things to add to AOE4

  1. Patrol
    I loved the ability to set patrols of units back and forth so when something crossed it I could react. Or it could be used in scouting. It was a nice feature.

  2. Auto scout.
    For that first or second scout, to open up the maps and get rid of the fog of war, an auto scout was nice especially when I was new at the game. It helped integrate me into playing better.

  3. Formations
    Formations helped me save units when I was allowed to use them, it helped me learn macro, it helped me learn hot keys and UI, and it made the game look cool when you brought up a formation of units in a HUGH formation.

  4. And lastly defensive stance.
    Sometimes I don’t need units to chase after your army endlessly across the map. It’s not needed in all cases, like if you have Mongol horse arches and I have man at arms. They don’t need to chase.