Needed: per-unit health bar always on, better micro

I am trying to get through Basic combat lesson, chasing thegold medal. This is the typical micro-focused type of scenario which shows two things the game is missing:

  1. I need always on, per-unit healthbar. None of the options in the settings show this. I want to be able to recognize which units are near dying and then move them out of harm’s way

  2. Left click to select unit, right click on enemy to attack. Why the hell is this so hard to do in this game? It’s beyond frustrating. Left click to select + left-click to attack is super wrong.

Go to settings > UI > health bar, you can choose always on, the option is there, as for second I’ve not had the issue, not sure what exactly you are expecting.

doesnt work… i have tried all options but the unit health bars never show up. i have to click on units to know which one is at its low health

The Always On is not always on. When combat starts it fades… Which is completely absurd. Only way to have it on is to have the units selected.

No, it doesn’t. Or at least those options do not work at all in The Art of War scenarios.

Always on shows health bars for buildings but not for units. Utterly useless.

Seems like a bug to me, you might post it in the bug report section.

Set this: Graphics >> Display >> Gameplay resolution scale 1920*1080

It will be good with this setting.

Yes, bars appear only with 100% scale.

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