Negative elo after wining 2v2 team game

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negative elo after wining a team game

Reproduction Steps:

happened for both players in winning team


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Happened to me as well in a 3v3 teamgame. Game was played Jan 2, 2020 (after Update 34055 I believe).

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Could only upload one picture because I’m new to the page, so here is another:

This has happened to me to twice.

Can confirm this is a thing that happens every now and then. Dont have screenshoots.

One time it happened in 1vs1 and one time in 4vs4.

Just got -15 for winning a 2v2.

This just happened to me (CraftySalamander)
Build 101.101.40220.0 5438859, Windows Steam

Its just a display issue (that of course shouldnt happen). But in your real stats its added correctly.

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Indeed, thank you for the explanation.