Nerf Booming and Walls please

When people can (Stone) wall on Yucatan and can make my 21 pop double Stable Scout rush on Yucatan useless because literally. everything. is walled then it’s about time to nerf walls because you have to grave this game out of my dead hands when Walling and Booming have become Standard on Open maps.

I am not giving away this game to noobs who pick civ and Triple Palisade and even STONE wall on Yucatan just because they don’t want to learn 5 different feudal rushes and instead practice Drush FC or Wall FC and then get away with it.

On every tournament, you see nothing but full palisades on Arabia because this map script has gone from the REAL Arabia to a version where Trees Berries and Gold spawn almost on top of your TC (Yeah its a Writing style, its called Exaggeration) - Melee pathing being so bad that Scout almost do nothing, and have literally no chance vs a group of archers.

So please make this game challenging again and not allow anyone who picks only Brits, Drush Archers to become top 1000 by literally learning something blindfolded, without needing to adapt, game knowledge or any macro skills.
Oh and thank for the ruination of the nomad script… Now every resource is exactly perfect and you don’t even have to think where you have to dock, or where the to landlock is, or even think at all… Nice that they also removed Galley Micro <3

I mean I know that society is decaying each year, but that doesn’t mean that you have to make this game so braindead-easy only to appeal to the masses. I mean of course of you do that because all the devs care about is easy $$$ so they basically use the degeneration to just sell DLC’s with 2 civs instead of the usual 4, with the same price and no resistance from the community because - well Apple is literally selling a PC monitor stand for a grant and if they are limit testing, why don’t we? Am i right devs?

Oh and before you ask: If I had teammates that weren’t drooling and would make archers I would have gotten in by split seconds… But then again my Ally said, “Yucatan is a booming map tho” - and from that point, I realized the 58349th time that humanity is doomed.
I got in and was again greeted with another layer of walls, but this time I got to another enemy - got greeted with 4 TCs :slight_smile:
I then just did what I always did, I just left the game because there was nothing to be gained here.

Increase Villager train time to 30 seconds and revert all Tower nerfs ever done to restore balance to this game again. Or make Walls so useless that you really have to consider whether to wall or not



I dont understand, why stable rush is superior to other strategies?

Btw you can play open maps, I played Meadow in last redbull qualifier and it’s super fast paced and perfect for your scout rush.


Also stone walls are EXTREMELY bad the second you place it.


Stone walls and Quick walling are the best thing against an Rushing enemy, its literally mental destruction of an opponent for the cost of 1 TC (because loss of stone), or a few wood

EDIT: I dont have a problem with Stone walls, just the fact that they stone walls against my rush just tell me I am losing against a drooler because he knows how to make Palisades and has an APM of 5. I mean the fact that I am matched with these people is an insult to me

If someone has problems against stone wallers he should learn the basics.

I totally agree with you.

Wall up and boom meta is boring and overpowered because its easier to defend and much more expensive to play aggressive. It makes 1v1s annoying af.

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Not sure in Yutacan (I seldom play team games) but in Arabia it’s not easy to full wall while not being punished.

You can

  • Hit the walls, require extra vill times
  • Go towers if suitable, or archer transistions.
  • Scout opening should go castle age no later than 16min if done properly (without pressure), which is at most ~2 minutes behind). Then you gain all the map controls, you can expand whenever you want.

or 3 TC boom into imp + trebs, usually the best strat against stone wallers.
And easy to execute, is basically a free win. Just take it and continue so you get a real opponent.

why don’t you use your scout to see what your enemy is about to do ? If you see him walling then do not make scouts ?? Think about another strategy like fast castle drop or something … Man literally ure saying that u can’t play any strategies besides feudal rushing … Think accourding to case you are facing rather then what you have memorized via youtube 11 xD


If you can skip feudal on an open map, and FC is countered by FC - then you miss the point

And since when you are a good player mr. Deathcounter?


Nice, this kind of thread again. Playing defensive is currently too strong. It is all about not getting behind in eco, instead of getting in front of eco. The current meta is skipping the feudal age asap. On closed maps this was always the goal, but on open maps it should be about early aggression. I very much miss the time of the full feudal wars.

I think stone walls are OK. They use stone and that is pretty costly in the early game. It will delay your boom in castle age by a lot and is therefore easily punishable. But palissade kind of kill all the feudal pressure on open maps. Therefore i suggest a nerf to pallisade walls. Since they are the issue. An increase in cost or build time seem fine.

If it is about Yucatan: That is a really close map that is easily wallable. So wall into FC is the meta. Going scouts on such map seem like a very poor decision. If you play a map like that, then you cant really assume you can do damage with a scout rush. This would be different for maps like Arabia, which is an open map. On that kind of map aggression should be an option.


You go Castle age with significant advantage if your opponent ignore Fedual age - that is the point. Not every game has to be decided by fedual war.

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OMG :joy:; dude Yucatan is black forrest but in another way, you can be fully wall in few minutes, it is literally booming map.


I agree. It is so stupid berry/gold is literally 6 tiles away from TC. Arabia is completely boring due to 0 skilled wallers who would lose 200 elo if walls were nerfed so I decided to ban it and pick Atacama.

TGs are also unplayable due to civ/position pickers, laggers, 40% winrate noobs who can’t even create villagers and yet they are mad at you when they lose 5 vills to 2 scouts and have 24 min uptime to Castle Age because they do not admit how bad they are. + If you ban Arabia in TGs, like me, due to the stupidly boring meta, you have to wait 30 minutes because there is one who does alt+f4 all the time because it is not arabia and he can’t do his build order there.

I suggest:

-Permaban laggers from ranked
-Remove civ picking and position picking
-Negative winrate players should lose elo. 40% winrate noob would lose 500 for example.
-Lobby system for TGs
-Rework map generation
-Nomad should have treaty for the first minutes due to vill fighters
-Revert the DE Trush nerf

Devs, I want to play ranked TGs in an enjoyable way. Voobly TeamGames were an example for that because you could ban laggers, civ pickers, lamers and 40% winrate noobs.

But if you play Yucatan you should just sneak or FC otherwise everything is useless.

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Stop complaining about walls. Lots of guys love to boom and love to be lazy. Walls are fine. Learn to boom yourself, and use siege, make lots of trade carts to boom for the late game.

In medieval times sieges lasted a long time. The way you are talking about walls is that you want them to be made utterly useless. The whole point of walls is to delay opponent so you can boom safely.


Why you sound like a troll lol


i mean i agree with him about position picking, but the permaban on laggers, neg winrates lose a bunch of elo, and others…

Civ picking and position picking turned this fun game into the same boring s*** in Ranked. On Arabia you see the same 10 civs against people who are in their elo not because of skill but because they play the same s*** every game - This has nothing to do with skill. Also i dont agree with him 100% either - performance test usually takes care of most laggers.

But recently In a quickplay game a chinese dude Crashed the game while we were about to win (4v1)
Error Wrote: “The Player x has disconnected and a Restore File has been created etc.” - Pretty sure this can happen in ranked so you dont lose Elo

Also TG Elo is inflated and sucks - if you haven’t noticed

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its not about walling, 21p scout rush is too late and it won’t be able to stop a naked FC