Nerf building strategy

The strategy of just rushing and building towers and castles in the enemy land is just annoying. He just send a lot of villagers and start building things. As you need to defend yourself he can just spam more villagers and the game ends.

It is just too overpowered.

He’ll have less economy than you, with the defenders advantage.
You can scout to counter this, build outposts, walls.

It seems to me high level play needs to have these options in there because it’s just more fun to watch.
The more strategies are available, the more players will attack early and the more variety, suprise there is.
Not that I’m one of these high level players, my rating is ~1400 on HD, so really really bad.

One thing I’d like though, also because I feel it’s more realistic, is to add a non-default option to remove building armor from building foundations:

New players could turn this option on to make defending against these rushes easier.


I think it is a good solution. It should be standard.
Buildings in construction should be way weaker than finished ones

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