Nerf eagles LOS for Mayans and Aztecs

Mid-high elo ladder is heavily populated by lamer who pick meso civs (expecially Mayans), and it’s a pretty obnoxious experience get matched vs them. They not only pick very strong civs, but they also take advantages taking your res if you get an unlucky spawn of boars and sheeps.

The change I’d like to see is the following:

  • Reduce eagles line of sight by 1 tile, maybe increasing slightly their speed (sth like 0.05) if it’s too much of a nerf.
  • Give inca a new bonus that restores eagles LOS to what it currently is.

This should make top tier meso a little bit more manageable early game and enjoyable to play agaist, while they should remain top tier civs due to their strong eco and military bonus. It would also help to differentiate incas a little bit more.


Until there is better balance in the follow up of the game, laming can’t be nerfed. In some matchups, laming can easily be your only chance to make the matchup even.

Just for clarity, I don’t think it’s good that laming is so essential to the game, but what needs to be fixed is the underlying imbalance between matchups, and then we can think about reviewing laming.

I dont like laming, but I have no comment on vision part.

But to eagle, it’s kind of broken in high elo games.
When a player making an eagle spam, I can only think of using knights plus seige for countering it. MAA can’t really do it due to its speed. Doing Pure knights, soon or later the econ will be far behind from it.
While other knights / archers / camels, I can think of few ways for countering it.

Feudal all in eagles can be pretty strong. It’s a risky strategy though. They do take 60s to produce in feudal. So while they don’t have a good direct counter, they are not so easy to pull off.