Nerf Fire Lancers ASAP

This unit is literally ruining team games. Every single game is 2-3 Chinese players massing nothing but Fire Lancers.

The unit is disgustingly overpowered.


yup, i agree , nerf fire lancer is next patch, please

Agreed :slight_smile: some tuning would be good

Agreed , fire lancer make the game boring , especially 3v3 and 4v4

This shouldn’t happen. The unit is literally only good against buildings. Terrible in melee and charge.

Learn to put up walls and use spearmen…


Chinese players spent more than 1200 food and 600 gold in order to make fire lancers. What do you do meanwhile?


Аccording to your logic, imbа can be imba just because it takes a lot of resources and time. I noticed it a long time ago. They also advise here to build walls, as if it were so difficult for a Chinese to build 1-2 broken bombards to break them.

Well the FL is so cost effective, so that extra 1200f and 600g even out tbh.

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Is effective just against buildings, not units.

Dude you have no idea what you are talking about. The only unit they suck against are braced spears. If massed they will blow up knights, maas, horsemen, archers. It’s not even a close fight.

You said everything.

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Res for res knights win vs FL. And they are faster. Make them vs any China spamming FL and u will win.

Closing topic since it is a duplicate of the topic here: Please nerf fire lancers