Nerf nest of bees please

this unit needs a nerf its wayyyyy too good… yes i know you can kill it with springalds… but its way too cheap for doing 80 damage in an aoe, it way out damages manganells and its just as cheap with longer range and faster animation.


Mangonel is way better than NoB.


Yep, Nest of Bees deals much more damage and covers a bigger AOE area.

Why not consider it without research? ? ?
In fact, both have their own advantages and disadvantages to each other, and they cannot be compared by themselves 80


That is not a clocktower nest of bees.

And should test against infantries too. Nest of bees annihilates infantries as its projectiles would track the enemy units.

Catapults would deal 30% less damage to infantries and is useless as it is easier to dodge it.

So I said that it cannot be compared separately, and each has its own advantages, mango is concentrated, I give 95 points for the attack of the concentrated enemy, 65 points for the scattered units, and the honeycomb is suitable for scattered units I give 80 points, concentrated I gave 80 points to the units, and their total points are 160 points. Of course, the clock tower needs to be weakened. 50HP does exceed the normal level. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:The essential difference between Honeycomb and Mango is that Mango is an AOE area damage, Honeycomb is a group of AOE dots,

Not even true to slightest. If unit moves out of range of NoB it will cancel all upcoming fires and forces NoB to enter reload animation

They are more suitable for scattered enemies. For fast-moving enemies, mango cannot hit, and the multi-stage damage of the honeycomb can be continuous, so each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and cannot be compared together. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:High fault tolerance

lmao, It is not difficult to use a search engine such as Google.
Then you will know how many bugs NOB had.
Any veteran of chinese want Mangonel instead of NOB.

edit: Seriously, let’s talk about nerfs when it works correctly. Now is not the right time


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So clocktower should be nerfed not nest of bees?

Currently nest of bees is just too bad. They are only decent because of the massive buffs china has on gunpowder. But that just shows power of chinese bonus on gun powder rather than tha power of nest of bees.

I feel nest of bees (clockwork or not) is fine.

I never have trouble killing them with springalds, if I see a single nest of bees you know I’m already making 10+ springalds.

Only siege I think needs changing are bombards health and range

I don’t know if I’ve ever lost a unit to Nest of Bees before. They are really easy to avoid with their slow projectiles and being ever-surrounded by some unit giving away their position.

I’d say they’re fine the way they are.

Clocktower needs nerf

Nest of bees needs to be fixed because it’s janky and doesn’t work properly… so frustrating to use,. Mangonel is obviously better and it just works.

This is obviously a troll post.

Nest of Bees have been nerfed hard in the stress test patch.

In its current iteration, Nest of Bees are worse Mangonels. Ontop of that, they are bugged. They do not shoot 8 rockets like they are supposed to. Sometimes they shoot less. Out of those 8 rockets, most of them will miss. So instead of dealing 8x10 damage, they deal less damage than Mangonels in practice, which is less than 12x3 damage. They shouldn’t deal 80 damage, but something like 8x6 would be reasonable damage. Now if only this unit would be able to hit something consinstently…

The devs have said that unique units are supposed to be stronger than their non-unique version. Royal Knights are stronger than Knights. Longbows are stronger Archers. French Crossbowmen are stronger than regular Crossbowmen.

However the opposite is true for Nest of Bees and without balance changes and bugfixes NoB will continue to be a bugged and underwhelming unit.

Also what about this arbitrary restriction that prevents Nest of Bees from attacking from inside rivers? This unit is already bugging out enough and deals underwhelming damage. Why must it be completely worthless when stationed inside rivers?


20 bombards and rest 200 army in nest of bees will beat any army in this game hands down. not even close

Nest of Bees need buff.
China need buff too.


You need to look at 1600+ elo to see how balanced things are.
If you look at 900-999 elo for example, French have the highest win rate, and Abbasid have the 4th highest win rate.

In reality, Mongols are the strongest, and Abbasid are bottom of the table, but people with low elo don’t really know what they’re doing.


1600 has very few games analyzed. But in sake of it the winrate is still same 48.2