Seige is to op needs a heavy nerf with walls to many people can make a army of seige needs a population limit to how many seige u can have needs to be done its to annyojng to play. And buff walls and defenses. But limit seige to a few units only stop mass seige in games its ruining the game

I don’t find siege op it easy to kill with cavalry or maa.

Siege already take a lot of population space so if you have too much siege it gives opportunity for the opponent to mass knights


General consensus at the moment is keeps and walls are very strong and late game frequently turns into a slog. Part of the reason why we have seen small nerfs to keeps and buffs to bombards lately.

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Seige needs limits to how many u can have to only a few or nerf it to the ground so people wont use the annoying units.either way they need to nerf damage to all seige a lot

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How many spots does siege take again?

3 pop per siege unit

Siege has its role, it can’t be nerfed to the ground or ranged units and defences would become too strong. Too much siege becomes a weakness, as it’s vulnerable to fast melee units (and other siege like Springalds and Culverins).

Remember to keep an eye on your enemy, if you see them amassing siege units you can either try and stop them or amass counters yourself. If you make an army of Horseman and Knights, you should beat the siege ball and then could follow with raids on the enemy’s economy.

There’s a strong argument to be made for 1v1 gameplay that siege right now is too weak and/or defensive structures too strong currently. Maybe an argument could be made for rams still being too strong?

you can always make springalds excellent anti siege unit.And if you research springald technology you out range other siege units.If yo dont have springalds select 10-20 horseman,knight,maa and right click the siege unit you wanna kill.While your army clashing.small group can kill them too

Is Ram a siege unit? And do you beluwve Rams are balances and have sufficient and reasonable counter play???

Dev have “reticently” :stuck_out_tongue: admitted that Rams still need to be retuned.

Next idea culv and springalds should behave differently when fighting each other; otherwise ti quickly devloves into Age of springalds, those were dark days for the game; sadly we still go there from time to time.

Lastly culverin specifically needs to do next to nothing base damage. Culv and springalds each should have 15 base damage and everything else be bonus damages.

Imo all seige should be highly susceptible to melee damage and and impervious to all non counter range damage.

Last point…
If they do NOT fix the Ram issue??? I cant wait until we get rams that blaze greek fire which sounds like is an area of effect damage? If it wasnt clear Ram are broken NOW; just wait when the fire literally burn everything to the ground.

All siege barring the Ribauldequin (an anti-melee special siege) is vulnerable to melee damage and takes minimal ranged damage already. They all have 0 armor.

Culverins (the highest dps vs regular units ignoring anit-unit siege like Ribauldequin and mangonel deals damage per second equal to 1.6 MAA. (It ends up being equal to about 2 MAA or so if we account for armor). Meanwhile culverins cost the same as 8.3 MAA.

Siege in general are not that great against units barring the mangonel, a unit that is very vulnerable to anti-siege.

The only siege unit in the game that is potentially problematic in any manner in 1v1 would be the ram (maybe the great bombard), which is already confirmed to be receiving more tuning soon.

What siege unit for example if you mean rams yes they are op.People making like 20 rams and destroy your whole city and believe me they arent dying fast

Siege is actually over-specialised. There’s not a real jack of all trades when it comes to siege units. So, they shine on certain tasks while the rest of the time they’re negligible. Well, actually the jack of all trades is the Great Bombard now. Other than that I consider the Culverin to be a better and more versatile Springald, I surely like it. The Mangonel isn’t bad neither. 2 years ago the situation was completely different though… Bombards and Springalds were too much.

Anyway, Rams are too strong for their price in the late game. It’s good to still have them as an option, hope they get balanced right.

The Culverin shoots so slow that it’s not a real issue. Most units survive getting shot by it. For their price, it’s fair.

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Oh for sure, season 0 or season 1 siege meta (especially springalds) was disgusting. Modern game doesn’t have that issue really.

Even most civs without access to the culverin get special springalds (Rus/Mongols get bonus range, Chinese have clocktower, tho zhu xi probably has generic springalds, RIP). Delhi and English are the only exceptions (and probably Zhu Xi now unless they get it in their special landmark tech thing). I suppose Ottomans too, but great bombards have high enough base attack it’s unnecessary.

Rams and seige towers are fine the other seige they need a pop increase i dont need 15 bombard towers there damage is to high

Rams are a bit too strong but only in late game.

The tech that improve rams in age 4 is probably not needed. I would juste delete that tech.

Maybe rams should cost more pop? to nerf them late game?
I think any other nerf would make them too weak in feudal.

Rams are really just a problem when both players are at 200 pop because you can make so much for so little pop. I don’t think 20 unit can kill 20 rams easily… Rams should be at least 2 pop.

But culverin and springalds don’t need less damage. They already do very poorly against anything that isn’t siege or ship. There is no way they are an issue for base damage. If you get shot by a culverin in the face we would expect it would hurt.

if we each have a sizeable army; and my composition is spearman crossbow/hc and springald and rams

tell me what can you make as my enemy to properly counter my comp?

Imo rams could really just do with a pierce armor nerf. Their pierce armor is so high they shrug off anti-siege. They only really need enough pierce armor to ignore xbow damage, however 60 pierce armor is enough that they basically are tickled by bombards/springalds.

Currently the main counter to rams is vills while your army fights, but that is just so much idle time.

Since they talk about population limitations, I am interested in limiting the population of villagers; I previously suggested that after 120 villagers each extra villager takes up 2 population space

It seems that this game does care about competitiveness and has implemented diminishing returns

Or maybe a negative melee armor. They still have to endure defences fire. AoE2 docet.