Nerf Sling please please please

TL:DR: Slinging (one player not playing and just sending ressources) destroys teamgames


  1. its overly powerful because its easy and you dont lose many ressources (even without coinage/banking)

  2. Cumans make it even more op, they up early anyway, so you dont notice it right away AND they sling with 2 TC eco

  3. with current mappool BF its just super powerful and super boring

  4. with pick civs you can get matches with cumans sling to full eagles which is probably the most boring strat ever invented

  5. we are just casuals and not prepared to face sling (which makes sling even more effective)

  6. even pros think slinging is too powerful and boring

  7. i can go on forever, pls just nerf it. ask if you want suggestions but I am sure nimanoe or trirem can give 100 ways to make it better


I agree that this needs to be addressed. Almost all TG tournaments ban it which indicates very clearly that it should not be possible because its to strong. I give a couple of ideas how to improve on that.

I think slinging is very close to cheating. It’s overpowered, fun in casual games and in many tournaments it actually is cheating. So i suggest handling it like cheating. In the lobby add a toggle for enable “early” slinging and in the ranked ladder settings turn that off. Casual players that love sending resources to help low skill friends or whatever can still use it in lobby games or unranked games. But in ranked it doesn’t ruin games any longer.

You can discuss how to restrict slinging exactly and what “early sling” means. I would suggest that the player sending resources must be in imperial age. But one can try around with that a bit.

I would be interested a lot in what you guys think about that and please devs consider doing something in this regard. It’s quit the balance issue.

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I dont like sling to but i think removing sling will make game more boring bcs it kills diversity. After de reliased we are watching worst team game tournaments. All games have knights+ archers strategy.

What about nerfing initial/coinage/banking tribute fees from 30%/20%/0% to 100%/50%/0% ? Or 150%/75%/0% ?

This would make Castle age Burgundians the only effective pre imperial slinging ?

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what exactly is 150% supposed to mean? You click send 100 food and pay 150 food and nothing is sent?
But jokes aside massively increase the tribute might be a solution.

I meant you pay 250food to give 100food, so 150food=150% of tribute fee lost in the process. Currently the base fee before coinage is at 30%, so you pay 130food to give 100food.

How about a cooldown?
Like you can sling 10k or even 100k (exaggeration) but after that you have to wait 2-3-4-5 whatever mins to sling again the same player.
I admit I never sling so I might not know how it’s usually done, but for feudal slinging isn’t it about a constant stream of tributes (like 100 food or wood every time they’re “ready”), rather than few isolated ones?
With a cooldown it would be much less useful to sling to fast castle/imperial, but if someone needs help in a pinch, for real, you wouldn’t waste 150% of your tribute to send the 100-200 stone necessary to defend from a tower rush (example), or the 300 wood to rebuild a TC.
If tributes were at 150%, you would have to send 750w for 300 wood, it seems that would totally defeat any meaningful and honest tribute usage.

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Silinging enables comebacks for those flank players that get almost wrecked by enemy

I think people usually sling a lot if resources every 2 minutes or so. I am not a fan of cooldown, I would rather have a maximum tribute since game start (ex: max 100 total tributed resources per minute in game)

Interesting take. I don’t know how healthy it is to receive tons of resources at once.

A possibility would be to somehow nerf tribute to players with higher score than you. I think the slinged player who receive all the resources usually has a much higher score that the slinging teammates.

For the tribute fees I would suggest
Initial: not possible
Coinage (enables slinging): 30%
Banking: 0%

You would have to be in Castle Age to start slinging plus you would need to invest into researching Coinage to get to the 30% tribute fee that is the current standard.

Another point: I’m not a campaign player but iirc you get slung quite some resources by the AI at times. Keeping it at 30% would result in not having to recalculate all those numbers, they’d only need to get access to Coinage for those specific moments in the campaigns.

There is nothing wrong with slinging. Nothing is preventing you from slinging your own allies. Leave tributes alone the way they are. The person’s slinging their resources leaves them vulnerable to being attacked due to giving away their resources.

The game is primarily balanced around one vs one Arabia. The rest of the game does not matter.

Player slinging may have lack of military due to giving all their resources away. Some players get totally wiped out and slinging them resource is one of the only ways to help them recover.