Nerf the Huskarl Pierce Armour

pls. pretty pls. pretty pretty pls.

They just dominate the low elo tg’s and its getting boring.

I get it, make champs. butt that makes every goth’s game so 1 dimensional imo. just makes games dull for me

Just make any strong melee unit that ypu can use


I’d buff huskarl armor so that all archers will generally do 1 damage instead of units like the mangudai being able to do more than one dmg.

Huskarls die to almost any Melee unit that is not a Spearman line.
Hussars, Longswordsmen, Light Cavalry, Knights, Cavaliers, Two-Handed Swordsmen, even Heavy Camels.

Huskarls are basically fast Melee Skirmishers. Against anything that is not shooting arrows, bolts or javelins, they die.


Or attack goth player before minute 40

considering that pretty much every civ has a go to strategy that is countered by 1 unit you could say the same thing about every matchup.
and frankly, even hussars beat huskarls, so no, it’s not just “go champs”.