Nerf to sweden hakkapelita when?

omg im tired of this, or at least let choose bana civ on lobbys

i cannot kill that unit

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Isn’t light infantry a clear counter? Hakkas are now classified as light cav and skirms should do well vs them.

indeed,We need Ban/Pick

You can kill them with a mixture of HI in melee/halbs and skirms for now, hakka hand attack dmg can still destroy your skirms so you have micro very carefully

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on team games? they have bonus versus all units exccept skirmishers
on team games is useless try to micro versus that unit


Don’t lose sight that swedes econ is op as well. You kill most of their vils and knock down torps but they still outproduce you.

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Exactly. It’s actually the bigger issue at hand. A slightly worse eco means less hackapellits that can be produced. Hackapellits only need a slight nerf when Sweden’s crazy eco gets nerfed (simply do -1 starting vil, +100f, as well as nerf hackapellits).

With the Swedish eco, they’ll have as many hackapellits as you have skirms. A skirm doesn’t beat an beefed up up goon with three times the hand attack in 1v1 even if they do counter it from range.

Sweden would still need a buff after 2 nerfs tho. I suggest Caroleans get +1 dmg to early game and maybe dominion card could also grant -35 wood for each torp.


The nerfs are warranted just to bring them back to reality and doesn’t need to be offset by buffs.

Their boom actually takes place entirely in age 2 with the torps, it’s just that most are rushing to age 3 because of Hackapellits and Age III cards, but if they opted to stay in Age II they can very easily mass carrols + leathers + huss as needed instead. There is no incentive to not torp up, it’s just too good.

It’s what Britain was before the -100f nerf: heavy boom followed by a crazy army with no risk or delay in timing. They can still pull it off but with a slight but much-needed delay due to the food nerf.

Then why was Sweden buffed to begin with? Swedes was underperforming before last patch. No one was complaining or even talking about Swedes before they buffed it.

Nobody is saying to bring Swedes right back to where they were pre-patch. Literally no one.

But they overbuffed a particular as well as their their general eco, that much is clear. So a middle ground needs to be met. Removing the 1 settler at start and adding 100f back is a good start.

No, imo a good start is balancing the hakka first and then having a conversation on whether a +1 villager start would make Swedes broken or not in 1v1, not just double nerf them without giving them a slight buff.

Their true issue is their eco, with a smaller eco will come less Hakka on the field. Because people will just switch to age 2 play and realize how OP they are if they stay in age 2. All of their eco potential can be reached in age 2 (like brits).

Just like how Ottos can be powerful in Age 2 if one opts out of FF.

Hakkas have been nerfed in the PuP:

  • Hakkapelit:
    • Hitpoints reduced to 210 (from 240).
    • Melee damage reduced to 22 (down from 30).
    • Melee damage multiplier now applies to Heavy Cavalry instead of all Cavalry.
    • Added melee damage multiplier of 0.6x against Infantry and Villagers.
  • March of the Hakkapelits: Hakkapelit speed increase reduced to 0.15 (down from 0.25).