Nerf trade and make it a lategame mechanic again

No one had a problem when trade was lategame only. I don’t understand why this was changed so much. If the trade landmarks suck, make new and better ones or move them to imperial age!

Now if you do not immediately scout the trade it’s almost always too late and your opponent overwhelms you unless you have 300 apm. This completely changes the character of the game. Too much microing stopping the trade and less strategic elements.

Before solving the trade “problem” you should have made sure that it actually is one. :innocent:

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Imo trade should be viable the all stages of the game esp now that even more civs have trade bonuses.

Trade right now for certain civs are just TOO good. THIS SUGGESTS trade itself is NOT op in 1v1.

Mongols mali abbasid trade need retuning.

Mongols should should lose the stone discount complete. This means they pay full 120 stone for double production.

Mali tolls need to reduce to 5% per toll.

Abbasid needs to start with 2 traders on feudal age with trade wing; 4 traders on castle age up with trade wing and 8 traders on Imperial age up with trade wing.


nah, the issue with trade is, if it runs, its too good, if u shut it down, its gameover

meaning the setup cost is just far too much, for massive return.

the return should be reduced, so should the setup cost.

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you’re confused… that statement is NOT true for Delhi trade; NOT true for Rus trade NOT true for English trade NOT true for Chinese Trade NOT true for French* trade NOT true for Ottoman trade (before Imp landmark)… ONLY the case for Mongols, Abbasid and Mali; show is that TRADE IS TOO GOOD but only those 3 civs go for trade asap???

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ive seen plenty of games (team games) 1700+ ranked elo with english spanking players with 60-80 traders.

ive played dehli/rus and with minimal trade and relics, i have 5 digit gold… when i play china (my main now) i often get as much gold or more than my mongol teammate (top 50 ranked) trading since feudal.

french needs a lot of gold and you typically need 70-80 traders for good upkeep, so indeed some issue here.

otto is good with cheap/free units so u dont need to go all out on trade.

so out of all, i do think french trade does indeed have some late game trouble. french is a very weak civ at present as a whole, with or without trade.

I can only speak to 1v1 experience and observations. They could implement different rules for team vs 1v1 but they’re not there yet.

I will say this; trade needs to be adjusted in 1v1 to NOT only be stoppable but viable to some extent for ALL CIVS early in the game the way that any civ could go 2nd TC EVEN THOUGH 2nd TC has been nerfed for most civs such that it’s not a MUST do or GG.

idk really, china gets more gold from gold mines, faster tc, has tax…

dehli has sacred sites
eng has farms

if mongol/mali/abba trade gets nerfed, should they receive gold mining buff then?

Heck no!!! Trade among the OP trade civs whereby if you dont address it ASAP or stop it literally sit on the neutral market and let zero trades occur, it gets waaaay out of control.

That’s not the case for taxes and TC and sacred sites etc; the window to challenge the latter are much more flexible for much longer windows: which allows strategy to still be a major component to actually winning the game.

The idea that if you jist macro this BO mech for 7 to 10min you get an auto win… is not healthy for an RTS.

Trade for the powerhouse traders jist need to be dailed back ORRRR DEFERRED!!! LET everyone keep their buffs just push some of the stronger buffs to kick in mich later just like ottoman which DOES NOT have an immediate OP trade

but yes i do understand that once trade eco gets going, its quite hard to stop

so then the game becomes stop trade = win; dont stop trade = lose