Nerfing Age 3 siege is another indirect nerf to dead Abbasids!


I don’t mind if devs decided to nerf siege but it’s the only good thing abbasids can do at age 3 that might give them a rare win. even though abbasids gets free researching engineering it is nothing big for abbasids just 50 wood and 125 gold kekw.

Everyone knows that Abbasids are the lowest winrate Civ for a lot of reasons and they’re also not playable in team matches games since the game built on landmark victory and they got 2 landmarks? i think this is a BUG!

For example firelancers deletes 2 landmarks in a few seconds while Chinese got 8 landmarks?

Now lets discuss why Abbasids are lowest winrate civ:

1- Their unique units camels are one of the weakest unique units ingame even mongol scout khan is better than them.

2- Unique golden age which buff villagers require -60- buildings close to eachother which is very hard to achieve compared to other civs that gets villager buff without doing anything big as building 60 structurers.

3- Aging up depends on 1 building and all enemies target it so you cant age up when your ONLY landmark is down.

4- aging up with abbasids are slowest compared to all other civs for unknowns reasons?

5- You cannot use or upgrade any of abbasid technologies while aging up cause it’s all in one building?

6- weakest civ in age 2 cause they got no lancers or men at arms compared to other civs?

7- troops can build siege in age 3 like mongols but they cant even repair it?

8- absolutely nothing special in water maps for abbasids while historically they’re one of the strongest civs as most modern science are built on their contributions.

9- if you tried to wall house of wisdom in team matches so enemies don’t snipe you since you’re the weakest civ you lose any chance to get golden age to buff villagers.

10- it’s depressing trying to compare abbasids to any other civs like imaging comparing camels to firelancers or even khan and elephants or chinese 9 landmarks to abbasid 1 landmark.

11- did you just make camels for memes? when someone see them in army or camels raiding he laughs that’s how useless you made this civs.

12- there are so many things you could do to make abbasids decent starting by fixing above ^^.

I hope one of devs or balance team see this cause the effort made on abbasids music and voice actors is HUGE.



你发自阿巴斯人民的心声。 :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

@BriefSphere2007 i think who ever designed abbasid had no idea that the game is built on landmark victory and other civs get bonuses on aging up.

don’t cry if they said they will fix it next patch will see.

It’s all part of the design. Delhi and Abbasids together the worst civs. Extraordinarily suspicious…


Delhi is the strongest Civ, it’s just that players have no F***ing clue how to play them.
They are sooo strong in Castle, you can boom them easily in Feudel.
And if the game continues long enough deep into Imperial, elephants become tanks!

People just don’t dare to play them because of the bugs. (yes, spearman not bracing is annoying)

If you are curious why i state this:
Look up the videos on youtube of the Viper, ‘Delhi are busted’ ( 4 videos in total i believe, where he plays Delhi, winning the games without even being in danger of getting whooped)


Okay okay okay

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Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Minimum 20 …yesyes, your wish is my command.

I’m convinced. Data is wrong. Delhi reigns supreme :rofl:

Spot the difference

Let me guess… This site is faking data to support the nazi conspiracy of MS and Relic?


They only have 1v1, in 4v4, 3v3, and even 2v2 abbasid is the preferred attack target, I think the win rate will be lower

I’m not arguing that abbasid has a tough standing, especially with FL snipe in TGs. I main them myself atm and I also hope for a nice rework of their age up and special units in spring and some small buffs in between.

I’m arguing that it’s ridiculous to think there is some anti Islamic propaganda going on behind the scenes.

You’re right, but I think people may be joking, don’t get too nervous :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

5 patches and they nerfing abbasid instead of buffing them ?

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Abbasid should get the ability to turn a town centre and a keep into landmarks for a small (?) resource cost. It would also buff the building slightly.

As while LM sniping is still a thing Abbasid will always be at an immense disadvantage.