Nerfing Bombard Towers in scenarios

In the scenario editor there is a trigger to edit the stats of units/and others in the DE version the game. Fixed stats. No stat bonus. I nerfed bombard towers to do 60 damage instead of 120 in a Diplomacy Europe map. I think bombard towers would still be deadly. But not broken OP even with this nerf. What say you about this nerf? Are bombard towers still strong? Or are they very weak?

I did some tests. A Post IMP war elephant would only last 35 seconds vs a normal bombard tower. But they would last about a minute vs the nerfed 60 damage bombard tower. But that’s only one bombard tower. Two of them would kill the elephant much faster.

In Diplomacy scenarios or others where resources last forever. This can be done using a looping trigger for let’s say a gold mine to respawn using create object. However, this have can deadly consequence of bombard towers being ridiculously overpowered. Myself, and others simply banned bombard towers in the past. Or limit their number with a trigger.

EDIT Let’s say you are huns or mayans. How hard would it be to crack this defense. This a crossing of Nile river in Egypt.

Slow fire rate if you can. Then enjoy your Diplomacy map.

I think diplomacy maps has a lot of stone, maybe removing some piles of stone can be good. Castles and Wonders can’t fit little area so less stone doesn’t effect them.

Making low stone on the map kind of ruins the kind of Diplo maps I like. I think either nerfing bombard towers to 60 damage or banning bombard towers fixes the issue.

60 damage is nice, not sure how this will work with heated shot. Slow fire rate (Reload Time) of Bombard Cannon too (like 6 to 10) if you really want to nerf more. Every civilization has capped ram, they nice against bombard cannons but if you want, give everyone Siege Ram.

I dislike the idea, just keep the bombard towers as is, even a castle surrounded by bombard towers and fully garrisoned will fall to a hoard of war ellies.

If you would want to nerf anything, be it their range - after upgrades you would want 7 range total for teutons, 8 for regulars.

Turks are nearly unbeatable in Diplomacy (where resources last forever) when they endlessly spam bombard towers. So it’s either a nerf or a bombard tower banned.

We aren’t talking about the official database, we are talking about just a diplomacy map. You have a lot of stone and gold to mine; fish to collect, wood to chop. Spamming any building without any limit is nice in standard map but not in diplomacy map.

Another idea giving 1 population to bombard cannons. I am not sure is this possible by triggers.

I try not host mods. It’s more easy to host map without mods. I’m not sure if you can change the pop-cost with bombard towers. Unless you use a mod.

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The main problem with bombard towers is that they’re hard to take out due to their range, less range will ensure that they are still spammable, but much more manageable, especially since turks would only be around 10, instead of 13, and I know, I’m referring to high resource diplo maps specifically. As far as game-wise, it makes more sense that the high damage bombard tower has less range than the keep