Nerfing the mongols

So, the mongols are a strong civ. Really strong. They are so strong that any suggestion to change the mongols for the sake of historical accuracy was met with lots of resistance over balance. So, I put together a different list of changes. These changes are all geared towards one thing. They nerf the mongols ability to wreck other civ’s bases into the ground. They nerf everything that can be nerfed. At the same time this buffs the mongols ability to survive after losing their main base. Wth these changes losing structures does not actually mean losing the game. The mongol player is perfectly fine with having most of their structures wiped off the map.

  1. All mongol houses replaced with yurts. Yurts have 500 hp, houses have 1080 with upgrades. Yurts do not get benefits from any techs. The Nomads tech is removed, and becomes a passive civilization bonus. This way, mongols houses can be more easily destroyed by enemies.

  2. Mangudai nerfs! The mangudai no longer receive bonus damage vs seige weapons. Mangudai now receive an attack penalty vs structures. Mangudai arrows now only deal 1 damage vs any structure. This includes farms. Mangudai have -1 attack and -1 melee armor, and need an upgrade to get back to current power against other units.

  3. Seige nerfs! The drill tech is removed. The seige ram, capped ram, seige onager, onager, heavy scorpion and scorpion are removed. Basically mongol siege weapons are worthless now.

  4. Cavalry nerfs! The knight line is removed.

  5. Unique Econ nerfs. Instead of working 40% faster, hunters can carry 400% more. This allows mongols to continue gathering when their mills are destroyed and wait and keep gathering until they get access to a new mill. However, when over 100% capacity, they gather 20% slower, so this only gives them utility when they have genuinely lost access to their drop off points.

  6. General Econ nerf. Heavy plow tech is removed, and instead mongol farms spawn a deer when they finish construction. Masonry is removed. This leaves mongol structures much weaker and easier to destroy.

  7. Naval nerf. Cannon Galleon, heavy demo ship, and shipright are removed.

  8. Barracks nerfs! Squires is removed.

  9. Archery range nerfs! Crossbowmen and Arbalester is removed.

New Unique techs to replace lost unique techs:
Steppe Training: Researched at castle. This gives mangudai, steppe lancers, and Hussars 1/1 armor and 1 attack. Since mangudai received a -1 armor and -1 attack this is only a slight buff in the form of 1 extra pierce armor at the cost of being understrength until really late game. For Hussars and steppe Lancers, this allows them to not be total pushovers against cavaliers and paladins lategame.

Nomadic Journey: Researched at castle in imperial age. This tech causes mongol structures to refund 100% of their construction costs when lost (excluding fish traps, farms, walls, gates, and wonders) It buffs villagers by increasing their movespeed by 15% and it allows mills, lumbercamps, and mining camps to produce villagers.

What about no, Mongols are perfectly balanced as they are, and instead realize how to face them (early castle age, early imperial, points where they are weaker).


I strongly disagree. They have been nerfed in previous versions already. They are one of the hardest civs to play with due to having only short terms eco bonuses. They are fine as they are. Furthermore, they should get a buff by enhancing a bit the steppe lancers for everyone, rarely seen in action. That unit should get perhaps a small bonus attack against archers, I don’t know.


Why people always want to nerf things…
Let’s try to tweak the few civs that suck and anything is fine.

Only Chinese (and possibly mayans + vikings) are a bit OP in certain settings. So they can be tweaked down a bit. But only a bit.

It’s impossible to have perfect balance, but always crying for nerfs actually just shows that you are a ressentimentist. Especially if you want to nerf completely balanced things.

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The idea that the Mongols were exclusively nomads who lived in tents is incorrect.
The idea that they exclusively used light cavalry is incorrect.
Do some actual research before you complain about historical accuracy.


Based on the first post, it looks like this civ is really, really, really unstoppable. So many nerfs are suggested. In reality their winrate is just about 50%. This is true for all levels and for high level players.

To me these stats shows that this civ is in a reallly good spot at the moment. There is absolutely no reason at all to fully nerf this civ at all.

What? We dont nerf or buff civs because of historical accuracy. The base of each civ is historical accuracy. But historical accuracy isnt a reason for balance change. Balance changes are meant for balancing civs, like it already says. So we need to buff weaker civs and nerf strong civs.

No, Mongols are just balanced and your changes for the sake of historical accuracy were just broking that balance.

useless except for quickwall + it’s a huns bonus

leave the ■■■■■■■ unit alone. They already removed their bonus once and they gave it back. You know why? because mongols need it

and this is why people who have zero knowledge about the game mechanisms should stay away from the balance

As said above

as said above

as said above

LEAVE THE ■■■■■■■ CIV ALOVE. ■■■■ this “historically accuracy” thing. Mongols are perfectly balanced on normal setting as they are now, you want to kill them for no reason just because you want some dumb changes implemented. The first iteration of your proposal made them OP, the second one made them worthless. You are not interested in anything that isn’t historically accuracy and that’s perfectly clear

xD 11 funniest argument i ever seen seriously :smiley: 11

Why do you fall for the bait? Just ignore and move along, don’t feed them

You forgot the monastery nerfs for Mongols…

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The Mongol monastery is already so bad it’s kind of pointless to nerf it further tbh.

This is just way too many changes in one suggestion. I would say it’s best to go back to the drawing board, and pick out one change and think about it a bit better.

Well each and every one of these changes is disastrous anyway. Trying to change AoE2 into an history book just doesn’t fit the spirit of the game. And those who aren’t even historical are just as dumb. Why would you need more carry capacity for “when your mill is destroyed” when deer pushing is a thing. Then there are those who go against history despite what the OP wants. Why would you remove squires, as far as I know the Mongols did conquer some good infantry nations that they later recruited in their armies. Same for siege, Mongols have good siege because historically they took the Chinese’s technology and used it in their conquests. Heck they did introduce gunpowder to Europe, you would need to buff their siege to be even more historically accurate (which, ofc, would still be a bad idea).

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it’s really tired to see such posts from noob…
poor sugestions, it just ruining the games if this is operated.


This was a Joke right ?