Nerfs to the Urumi Swordsman

Better than something that costs gold, comes from a Castle and is probably much slower, isn’t it?

Yeah but at that point you are prob just as good using trebs to snipe siege lol

I mean, I wouldn’t say either are terrible against Siege (because they have great anti-Siege options outside of Siege itself), but on closed maps, sure. Siege Onager is still better than no Siege Onager, especially if you’re against someone without it either!

However, Dravidians are very much so a civ you don’t want to build stables ever. Maybe against ETKs, but that’s an edge case 11

I honestly don’t get what you are trying to say here. :dizzy_face:
You’d rather train Urumi from castle, or a treb to snipe an onager, rather than using a bad light cav?

I would rather use trebs to snipe siege

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Good, so for that purpose Urumi is not appealing to you either. :+1:

I think the Urumi will be the least factor in balancing Dravidians…
Dravidians have a really strong MAA Archer Openin, probably the best in the game.
But they have basically 0 mobility, less than any other civ in the game.

I think this will cause balance issues. Not the Urumi.


Eh the maa into archers is basically the japanese opening. It should be fine. You are right about their lack of mobility gho

Wait and test it yourself