Nerfs to the Urumi Swordsman

Some ideas, flat 5 damage area affect damage with their charged attack. Instead of 15. So, they do lots of damage to one target, but only 5 to those around them.

Or remove area effect damage.


Lol for most people Urumi it’s an underpowered unit but they almost beat Cata.

Maybe just not give them ignore armour effect? Basically, make the UT only affect barracks units

Qnd maybe make them more expensive as well

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If they are created in 9 seconds they are probably going to be bumped to 12 seconds or more in a future update since that’s exactly they did last time they added an infantry UU that trains in 9s


Yeah, on paper I was fine with them but I didn’t know they had the splash effect until vids of them fighting came out (and now in SotL’s we can see the extent of it).

I think I’d just remove the splash mechanic altogether, or to keep in line with the identity of an urumi sword, give the units a flat splash damage on each hit instead. Maybe reduce the damage to 5 or so then, though. Otherwise, the unit has to cost more for the power it has.

I really, really dislike armor ignoring bonuses. It makes for a units that breaks specific civs despite not mattering in some other cases.

Honestly, the whole sword whip thing really doesn’t seem like an anti armor weapon either.

Maybe Wootz steel doesn’t effect Unique Units?


can we play the DLC first? before throwing nerfs around. the material shown here is an extreme example. real gameplay will look 100% different.


Is still a castle UU so the production isn’t easy.
Anyway best way to nerf them is removing Blast Furnace (which also nerfs the potentially OP halbs in trash war, to offset that you can give them Elite Battle elephant and Hussar), if they have hidden splash damage with that charge attack that ignores armor, that’s too much in Post-Imperial, if you don’t have good ranged units you are doomed.
Another thing is that the ignore armor effect should only affect the main attack, not charge attack.

At least, Leitis still take a lot of damage from halbs and camels.

The unit looks balanced, if you make Champions vs them rather than Arbs or HC then it is your problem. Daut and Jordan called the unit garbage because how bad it performed vs ranged units.

The whole civ is just a weaker Japanese, yet people are so scared of it.

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The Urumi doesn’t fears me actually for 1v1s.
I only fear TGs with Urumi + Huskarl floods. That could be almost unstopppable, but needs a lot of practice for the team members.

I think dravidians flank + goths pocket yould be an insane TG combo.

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You are right, but Berserks and Obuchs with the combination of Huskarls melt the same army compositions.

Yep. “True damage” is like, the modern game designer’s wet dream, so every game in the current decade has it in one form or another. It’s a horrid mechanic, both from a gameplay and design aspect.

“Hey, you know how this is a game, where people play together? People playing together is great and all, but you know what I don’t like about it? Sometimes, those people are jerks who ruin my plan by doing something I don’t like them to do. So I’ve invented a thing to do in the game you can do nothing about.”

Actual real-life enactment of game developers complaining about people. True damage is dumb.

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Without splash this unit is completely useless.

In its current state I think it will be fine. It would surprise me if a relativiely slow moving melee glass cannon unit turns out to be overpowered.
0 pierce armor and not a lot of HP either are a very big weakness. In addition to that it needs Castles to be trained. There need to be some huge upsides to such a unit, if you want people to use it for more than memes.

It might turn out to be too strong, but it’s for sure only in the “wait and test”-area, not in desperate need for a nerf just by looking at it. It has clear weaknesses.


But remember, Dravs have actually better Archery Range than almost every Infantry Civ. Heck, is even better than some Archer Civs have! We need to test this, but probably their Skirms are one of the best Skirms in the game, plus FU Arbs, HC and even Elephant Archers for sniping Siege.
People cry how Obuch-Skirm is super strong. Well, Dravs will have this even stronger.

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i mean it’s not like every civ has a great arbalest. what are slavs supposed to do against this unit for example? if you do not have at least a decent arbalest, this unit kill everything far to cost-effectively. it even beat paladin cost wise, which is insane

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If anything Slavs will do better than many arb civs since Dradivians have terrible anti siege options


Well, while I generally agree, they still do get Siege Onager. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why would anyone train this unit in a team game?
Can’t tank archers, can’t deal with heavy cavalry, doesn’t seem fast enough to act as a cavalry substitute to snipe siege, and while Dravidians have terrible cavalry, it’s probably easier to snipe an onager with Wootz Steel light cavalry.
This basically leaves out only Huskarls/Eagles flood, but Dravidians have super good and more accessible champions and also hand cannoneers.
Calling for nerfs seems rather premature imho.
Obuchs cost less, have way more HP and 6 pierce armor, plus Poles can mine stone more “freely”.
Side note: Dravidians are the first civ that lacks both Castle age mining techs.

I mean, yeah, but how many times have you seen Malians or Cumans go onagers?

Wootz Steel cav is basically the same as Viking or Bohemian light cav vs siege, so not very good