Nest of Bees are STILL bugged and do not benefit from Chemistry

STILL the same bug which I have reported last patch!

Nest of Bees do not benefit from the Chemistry upgrade despite being a gunpowder unit!

Their damage was increased from 8 to 10. Therefore, the 20% damage buff to gunpowder units should raise their damage output from 10 to 12 in Age IV, since Chinese gain access to Chemistry for free.

But as simple test shows this doesn’t work. I started in Age 3 and build a Landmark to get to Age IV. However, the unit description did not update.

Please fix this bug this time!


We are aware and working on it. Thanks!

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When advancing to the imperial age of China, Chemistry is automatically granted for free, increasing the damage of all gunpowder units by 20%, EXCEPT NESTS OF BEES, whose damage stays the same (10x8) after entering the fourth age.


correct I noticed this, hope they notcie it.

I reported this bug last patch already… why is this so hard to fix?