Nest of bees attack speed bug

The attack speed of nest of bees says 5.5, but it’s not. Other cannons start to calculate the time of the next attack after firing shells, but nest of bees is not, It has attack animation. His current bug is that he uses the previous 24 animations, which are very slow, rather than 8. After eight rockets were launched, they stopped for about 1.3 seconds. Now it takes almost 6.8 seconds from its first attack to its next attack. 6.8-5.5=1.3
Please change it to a more appropriate animation of 8 rockets, which should be in 0.7 seconds instead of 1.3 seconds.
If this is a bug, fix it.thank you.


If this conclusion is true, then my confusion can be resolved; the attack power value of nest of bees is higher than that of Mangonel, but it is not the case in actual use. This is a big mistake.

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Mangonel attack is a fixed damage of 12x3 = 36 each time, with a wide AOE range.

The damage of nest of bees attack is not fixed, and the maximum damage is 8x8 = 64. In many cases, the attack damage is about 30

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Nest of bees = 8 * khan’s firework

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@OMGBoxShark please look into this.