Nest of bees can slow down your own farm production

Dear AoE Community!

This is my very first post on this forum, and I am happy to be a part of this community.
Recently a friend and I figured out something odd.
It’s not anything major, but since friendly fire with siege weapons is off, I don’t think its intentional that you can destroy and delay your own farm output by using nest of bees.

What is happening?
If your nest of bees attack a farm land, one of your villagers is working on. It will destroy the ricefields.
De villager currently working on that field actually gets staggerd and stops working for a bit. Delaying your own farm output.

The farms do regenerate, and over time you will still get food, but it does get delayed.

I thought this was a unigue and interesting little bug, since it shows you how the game mechanics work.
We have been rather fascinated by this occurance. Hope you find this as interesting as us!

Best Regards,

Mr. Immersion

Welcome @MisterImmersion —we’re glad to have you!!!

Interesting bug! We appreciate the report.

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