Nest of bees volley bug (8324)

If the nest of bees does not fire its full volley, because the target died before finishing firing (should just fire all rockets in any case because of the AOE but that’s another topic) or it is canceled by a move/stop command it will always reload after. Weather it fired all 8 or not. In the case that it does not fire all 8 the next attack after reloading will not fire 8 rockets anymore. I don’t think it always fires the remaining amount as well, I noticed a minimum of 5 (maybe 4 its hard to tell) rockets on the second volley no matter how many were fired on the first volley as long as it is not all 8.

Expected behavior:
Expected is that it either doesn’t reload after firing less than 8 rockets or it has access to the full 8 after reloading

Steps to reproduce:

  • Set up next of bees in attack mode
  • Record screen with software of your choice
  • Click a target or attack ground in the ‘attack zone’ that you selected for the nest of bees
  • Issue stop command before it is finished
  • Wait for it to reload
  • Repeat
  • Watch back video frame by frame and count rockets (have fun :slight_smile:

Good catch! Thank you for reporting this @SeagoingPuddle3.

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