Network Settings / Port for Lobby Browser

Hi, is there a specific port I need to open, or some network settings I need to set for people to be able to see my games 100% in the lobby browser? My friends can’t find my games in the lobby browser but I can invite them. I typically can’t find my game on either.

Oddly enough on rare occasions if I restart the game, or wait a bit and come back my game will be visible and fill up. Sometimes even after becoming visible, the game will disappear out of the lobby browser.

Is there any way for me to fix this so my games will be visible in the lobby browser?

Just FYI it seems like my game will show up if I manually select to host on uswest instead of useast.

You and your friend play at the same platfomr? If not, be sure to check if crossplay is enabled for both.

And there is this issue where a foreign serve lobby will not show at the browser sometimes. Best thing you can do is to stick with invites for now.

Its odd because I can see other useast games, so I don’t think it’s the same issue you’re talking about regarding foreign server lobbies.

It’s not crossplay related. I haven’t experienced those issues so far.

Either way I will just manually select uswest going forward instead of using the default option.

This issue about lobbies not showing is around since launch. We can expect it to be fixed at next patch.

Got the same issue and actually all my friends have it (at least 4 of them). No one will every join any of our games because they seem to be not visible…

Make sure that your game is up to date, last version is build 35584. And also make sure that crossplay is enabled on the settings menu.