Neutral Reignitz cathedral refuses to drop relics after destruction

Hi I’m on game version 5.0.9369.0
and I am here to report a buck in a 4v4 game were a destroyed (neutral) reignitz cathedral did not drop its relics.

That’s how it happened:
Ally player green (HRE) quit the game for an unknown reason. I yellow player (HRE) tried to crab his relics from the cathedral and started to attack it with my troops. At this point green had turned into neutral and I was able to give the attack order despite we were allies before.
There were no enemy units nearby and no visual signs the game ran into technical issues.
The cathedral hit 0 HP but the relics couldn’t not be captured. In the building description it stated that 3/3 relics were garrisoned.

In Previous games the cathedral dropped it’s relics when it has been destroyed. For that reason I expected the same would happen if I destroy the neutral cathedral.

Thank you for the report @Moraa3—we’re looking into it!