Never have enough wood as the English

When should I start cutting wood? I spend my first 4 mins on food and gold trying to age up.

I’ve found that the best build to start as english, and getting into feudal with a strong economy is the following:

  1. 2 to house, then to build lumber camp, then wood, the rest to sheeps.
  2. 1 to build mill, then farm (place your farms way they fit 10, at least for the first mill, you will save 50 wood from another mill)
  3. all villagers to sheeps until you have enough wood to build mining camp, then send 2 from food to build mining camp.
  4. at this point, continously put a villager to farm in the mill when enough wood
  5. optional: save 50 wood then research wheelbarrow, it will delay a bit your age up but you will reach feudal with a better eco and in long term I think is better.

At this point you need to have 2 in wood, 4 in gold and around 8-10 in food, mainly in farms.

While aging up, send all next villagers to wood, if you plan to make longows I usually put 8 on food and 12 on wood, with those numbers you can spam them. But don’t forget you have built your mill to get 10 farms :wink: