New Abbasid strategies

With the season 4, I noticed I no longer desperate need to get into eco wing at feudal, and get villager reduction, and military wing is being a constant in my new abbasid build order.

Now, what I am testing in team games, is getting military wing, then massing archers and pikes with +15% health, and then getting into castle age with tech wing, so I get compose bows, and all the blacksmith upgrades with a discount. Compose bows being available in castle at a discount really makes abbasid archers like a gun machine.

Then I mix spears, archers, and crossbows, all with +15% HP. This combo is good vs maa+lansch, french knights+rangeds, and even english archers, due to abbasid archers shooting so fast.

Spearmen are cheap, fast to.produce, and with research and the extra HP, they semi tank against maa composition, while they can protect ranged from chavalry.

I’m really happy abbasid players can have finally multiple strategies, than just go eco wing and 3TC.


What build order are you using?

6 to berries, 1 to house, then berries.
1 to house of wisdom, queue to build gold.
Next 3 to gold.

Then you have 7 berries 4 gold, next 2 to wood.

While aging up, keep 4 on berries and 4 on gold, the rest go to wood.

Use age up spearmen and archer spawned to deny his gold.

Collect enough wood to make a barrack and an archery range.

Collect 275 gold (125 for fresh foodstuffs, 125 to military wing tech, and 25 to upgrade spearmen). You can also collect 150 extra to get wheelbarrow. When you have the gold, move villagers to wood.

In this point you must have near 10 on food, 13 wood. Just keep spamming archers and spearmen, and try to stop enemy eco.

You can build extra archery range if your eco supports it, but you must try to build some rams and kill villagers.

Your priority should be stop them from getting gold and food, without gold he can’t age up and without food he can’t train units.

Edit: Beastyqt has posted a season 4 Abbasid guide, look at this guide because he speaks about the optimal eco distribution, and best scenarios to aging up wing decision

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