New achievements!

They are temporarily hidden. I wonder if they are related to the African DLC or something else.


It appears news is around the corner.

All aboard the hype train!


My body is ready! (20 chars)

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I just saw it on steam, seems there is gonne be quite a few of it:

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that is a nice catch, hope the DLC does well.


I’m really excited about it. The number of these achievements is very large. I guess it’s too early to add any African DLC achievements. I am expecting some nice event in AoE 3. For sure at least one achievement will be for USA civ.

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If these achievements are related to a new event, what do you think it will be related to (historic anniversary, national holiday, official African DLC announcement)?

It would have to be related to the African DLC surely. Naturally, there’s the possibility they may be added for some event like they did with AoE1DE but that game never received any new content to go with it - but I can’t see them doing that with this game and now.

I think we’ll hear news soon.


Hopefully as soon as possible :pray: :pray: :pray:


Unless they add achievements for Home City shipments - for other civs that do not have such an achievement. It would make sense.

Alternatively, these achievements can be for completing a Historical Battle (which I miss very much) or for the Art of War.

Hopefully the new update will add HC customization for civs that don’t have this option yet (nice if they’ve given the Aztecs and the Incas now).

I hope we get some good quality historical campaigns, and not some Hausa guys go hunting for the sand dragon in the Sahara.


The African Kingdom campaigns were great. So I have faith in Forgotten Empires in delivering.

Even though I haven’t played them, not a campaigns guy to be honest, a lot of people like the Lords of the West campaigns for their storytelling, so I think the African expansion for AOE3:DE will be on the same level.

On regards of that, AOE3 will feature as many African civs as AOE2 at least if not even more. They definitely should release another African expansion for AOE2:DE. A lot of potential there.

I expect campaigns similar to those of the Asian Dynasties (Ethiopian campaign, Hausa campaign and campaign …).

Of course, according to the tradition of AoE 3, we will get 3 civs (hopefully not only 2 as in AoE 2 lately), but I am counting on a nice gesture from the creators - one free civ (to match the number of American native civs), and so that everyone can get to know the African mechanics (and thus encourage them to buy the DLC :wink: ).

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I think South African civ (Zulu? Mutapa?) will appear in the African DLC alongside the Ethiopians and the Hausa. Congolese could be a free civ.

I would expect Moroccans in the Islamic DLC, along with Persians and Omani. I don’t see African mechanics for them, rather Islamic.

The African DLC would probably add black civilizations.

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